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June 2021


Former NFL Pro Makes Leap to Sports Agent (‘21)

Meet Derek Cox ('21), one of six new alumni nominated by his classmates to be featured in a new Summer Spotlight series, part of Drive Time Podcasts. Before UCLA, Derek played professional football player for seven seasons in the NFL. While in the Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) program, he did an internship with Paradigm Sports and is recreating his career to be a sports agent and athlete marketer. Learn more  about Derek's evolving journey—and love for his Anderson family. 


Ewharekuko Ignites Change as First Black ASA President

“I am a 29-year-old Nigerian American immigrant who grew up in St. Louis, right next to Ferguson, where the killing of Mike Brown sparked the 2014 riots in my hometown. It was time to challenge myself to address racism head-on. This shift began in 2020 when I started my MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Attending one of the United States’ top MBA programs was a privilege I did not want to waste. I decided to spend these next two years doing the uncomfortable.” Read more  about Nuvie Ewharekuko's (‘22) decision to run for Anderson Student Association president and commitment to embed diversity, equity and inclusion at Anderson and beyond.


Post-COVID-19 Recovery Remains Optimistic

Anderson Forecast’s March economic outlook for 2021 touted “robust growth for the United States and California” in anticipation of an abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic. While acknowledging the historical reality that economic recoveries are never smooth, the June forecasts for the U.S. and California still anticipate a robust recovery. The forecasts include moderately higher inflation in the short term and housing and services driving the recovery and employment levels recovering to previous peaks over the coming year.  Read more


What's in Store for Telehealth 3.0?

Telehealth 1.0 occurred before COVID. We are currently experiencing version 2.0— it's adolescence. But it will change dramatically by 2030, entering the third version. What will that version look like?  Join the Healthcare Alumni of Anderson group for an upcoming discussion on July 23, moderated by Di Jiang ('18), featuring David Woroboff, CEO at 24/7 Call-A-Doc, and Sara Vaezy, Chief of Digital and Growth Strategy at Providence.

Examining How We and the World Work

Examining How We and the World Work

In the latest release of How the World Works podcasts, Anderson faculty discuss a variety of observations with Warren Olney:

Debunking One of the Most Famous Psychology Experiments Ever
Professor of Behavioral Economics and Genoeconomics Dan Benjamin thoroughly shakes down the classic marshmallow test. Listen Now.

The Forecast Since the Biden Stimulus
UCLA Anderson Forecast Senior Economist Leo Feler weighs consumer behavior, universal basic income and more. Listen Now.

Why a Nationwide $15 Minimum Wage Is Wrongheaded
Ed Leamer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Global Economics, pulls no punches looking at our societal issues. Listen Now.


Latest in Anderson Faculty Research

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Sanford DeVoe

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Sherry Jueyu Wu & Eldar Shafir

Search Fatigue: Online Shoppers Grow Weary, Take a Break
Elisabeth Honka

Wage Transparency Might Make Income Inequality Even Worse
Hengchen Dai

Gain insights on a variety of business topics from cutting-edge research by UCLA Anderson’s faculty in this month’s Anderson Review.