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From academic and career & leadership preparation to becoming part of the community, this EMBA Admit Central website is your one-stop-shop of all the necessary information you need to know about joining our UCLA Anderson community.

Connect With Your Future Classmates

You are invited and encouraged to continue building your UCLA Anderson Bruin network through our upcoming EMBA Class of 2026 Admitted Student Events. All events are optional, but you can join as many as possible.

Message from the Dean

Dean Tony Bernardo
Congratulations on being a member of the Class of 2026, a diverse group of extremely talented individuals who have been carefully selected based on strong academic backgrounds, professional qualifications, and rich life experiences! You will learn from each other as well as from our outstanding faculty. Get ready for a transformative experience that will change your skill set and your world view, and likely your self-concept.
Welcome to UCLA Anderson!
Antonio Bernardo
Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management

Message from the Associate Dean


Welcome to the family! Congratulations on your acceptance to the UCLA Anderson Executive MBA (EMBA) Program and welcome to a world-class learning community.

You will no doubt add to the legacy of excellence that is UCLA Anderson. I am so grateful you chose to earn your MBA degree with us and I am sure your experience here will provide lifelong rewards.

As Faculty Director and Associate Dean of the EMBA Program, I very much look forward to meeting you. We were all very impressed with your academic and professional background. You will be joining a unique group of talented and accomplished individuals in the Class of 2026. This group of diverse professionals has impressive business experience, strong academic credentials and interesting life perspectives. You will form a lasting bond with your classmates and learn as much from them as from our faculty.

A rigorous graduate management program like UCLA EMBA will certainly be challenging as well as beneficial. This will require you to improve your time management, organizational abilities and focus. We are very confident you will succeed. While you certainly will be busy, we know you will appreciate the sense of achievement you will experience as you sharpen your skills, broaden your network and learn a new way of thinking. All of us here at UCLA Anderson remain ready to be your partners in this journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us in the EMBA family if you need anything as you prepare to join our program. We look forward to seeing you very soon here at UCLA Anderson.

All my best,

Professor Gonzalo Freixes
Faculty Director and Associate Dean, UCLA EMBA Program

A Welcome From Our Students and Alumni


"Hello and congratulations to the Class of 2026! My name is Xiomara Arroyo, and I'm a proud member of the Class Council of 2022. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the UCLA Anderson Community. I'd like to share with you that in my experience and just these past few months at Anderson  it's been incredible. The vast network of students, the supportive faculty, and the growth mindset in the culture here at Anderson  it really is second to none. So my advice to you is that this is a fast-paced program. There's so much to do, so many people to meet, buckle up and meet as many people as you can, go all in, and have fun. Welcome again to the Class of 2026!"

Xiomara Arroyo (’22)
Vice President, Market Manager - Southern California, PNC

“Welcome to our UCLA family! Get ready to begin a transformative journey filled with support, passion, and a top-notch education. You will develop memorable connections with your peers, professors, and staff and you will learn the importance of leaning on each other. I am grateful to learn alongside such a diverse and knowledgeable group of peers and I continue to learn something new each and every day. Take a moment to congratulate yourself. You made it! You are officially a Bruin!”

Angela Bae (’22)
Director of Product Marketing, IGT

“Welcome to the Anderson Family. It is an environment where the cohort, staff, and professors are here to support you along your MBA journey. Coming from an engineering background, the most rewarding part for me is seeing through the lens of different functions and people (marketing, accounting, investors, etc.) which has broadened my business perspective and allowed me to think holistically when it comes to making business decisions. The best thing you can do with your MBA tool kit is to apply the concepts in your life and support your cohort. Go, Bruins!”

Ryan Kwong ('21)
Sr Reservoir Engineer, California Resources Corporation

“Anderson is allowing me to grow beyond what I even anticipated. Not only am I getting a rigorous academic experience, but I'm building deep, authentic connections with classmates who are in interesting roles, from industries I wouldn't normally have access to. It's not very often that you get to try new things in such a supportive, collaborative, and not to mention, high achieving, environment. The investment in time and money is already paying dividends in my career.”

Alyssa Tecklenburg (’21)
Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, University of California, San Francisco

“Welcome to our UCLA Anderson EMBA family! We know you’ll be great during your program and beyond - so please enjoy the journey with your cohort and have fun unlocking your potential to persue your goals.”

Liz Cercado (’19)
Senior Manager, Mechanical Service Engineering, Rivian

“I got into UCLA knowing I would be getting a high-quality education from one of the top business schools in the nation, but I didn’t expect to walk away with a new family. The diversity of this institution and its intimate atmosphere helps build friendships and foster networking relationships for life. I am proud to consider myself part of the UCLA Anderson family.”

Aram Babikian (’20)
Senior Sales Coverage Specialist, Xtrackers | US onshore, DWS Group

“Welcome to UCLA Anderson! You are now part of a very special family, one that will open doors and lead to opportunities and lasting rewards. Serving as the admissions representative has been one of the highlights of my MBA journey, affording me the opportunity to meet with the incoming students. It is amazing how, year after year, we are able to assemble such a diverse and intellectual group, and your class will undoubtedly continue this tradition. While the program may only last two years, you will build relationships and bonds that will last a lifetime.”

Jason Chang (’19)
Director of Operations, AVID Logistics Inc.

“Welcome, Bruins! Choosing a business school to attend was an odyssey for me. I evaluated a dozen schools on the East Coast, West Coast, and abroad. Sun, beach, global immersions, social and capital venture initiatives ... while UCLA Anderson definitely has assists that few other MBA programs can match, Anderson’s culture and class diversity also act as a magnet to the program. As someone who travels across the country to attend class, I can tell you with confidence that you made a wise decision to attend UCLA Anderson.”

Brendon Gehrke (’20)
Director of Government Affairs, Leidos