Showcase 2022

Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson


2022 Showcase

October 24, 2022

2022 Showcase Companies


Kocoro Health

Kocoro is an app-based, fully remote cardiac rehab (CR) platform that optimizes the heart recovery experience for women

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Cooper is an AI-enabled decision-prioritization platform for business leaders to mitigate decision fatigue and elevate good decision making based on enterprise data.

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FRTWN is a fashion retail e-commerce platform that represents the global African diaspora and multiethnic makers.


SmartBooks creates elementary school textbooks paired with augmented reality apps to bring learning to life and enhance subject retention.

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Baseline is a Web3 consumer tech company that rewards women for living healthy, active lifestyles.

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ChargerGoGo provides a network of on-demand, portable charging stations with digital signage for mobile devices.

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Wine Not

Wine Not is a nonalcoholic sparkling rose and brut that caters to customers with a sophisticated taste palette and bold lifestyle.

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VSOptima is a SaaS platform for digital-twin process optimization, accelerating the decision making cycle.

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Wild Captives

Wild Captives is an urban outdoor lifestyle company that sells everything you need to get involved with your local ecology.

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Sparket is a B2B sportsbook solution built for the modern user, creating event wagering software to help operating partners grow their handle and reach.

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Alumni Companies

Exemplifying Anderson's strong startup track record are a few select startups presenting their growth and traction after participating in our programs.

Remmie Health

Remmie Health offers a virtual ENT and upper-respiratory primary care solution from home or anywhere, 24/7.

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Eliqs is rebuilding the beverage industry for the digital world, with the goal of becoming the personalization platform for the entire beverage space.

View Company Presentation is a SaaS plug-in that coaches managers to write meaningful and inclusive employee performance feedback and evaluations, improving talent development and retention.

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Holi Scoops

Holi Scoops creates delicious plant-based, keto-friendly, no-sugar-added, adaptogenic frozen desserts.

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UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator
Founded as a partnership between UCLA Anderson School of Management and the UCLA Rosenfeld Library in 2016, the Venture Accelerator is a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art co-working space for founders to support one another while they scale their early-stage startups. Supported by the Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Accelerator provides practical experience to complement students’ academic pursuits. The Accelerator runs four programs each year and serves as a year-round resource to entrepreneurs. We are proud that 85% of the startups that go through our programs continue to scale successfully to Series A and beyond.

Los Angeles is home to the third-largest and fastest-growing technology ecosystem in the United States. As the No. 1 public university, UCLA is proud to support talented individuals who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and management acumen. The Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson is a leading source of MBA talent and research horsepower that are key parts of Los Angeles’ thriving startup culture.

UCLA Anderson Business Creation Option (BCO)
UCLA Anderson is widely recognized for its entrepreneurial programs, which focus on teaching entrepreneurship, driving innovation and creating startups. Launched in 2001, the Business Creation Program (BCP) emphasizes experiential learning and has graduated dozens of startups over its 21-year history. In the BCP, entrepreneurs can launch their companies while still in school. MBA students formulate marketing strategies, develop and test hypotheses, and conduct research that leads to the implementation of a business plan. While in the six-month BCP, founders of early-stage startups work in the Accelerator, where they receive hands-on training, personalized coaching and customized programming to advance their path to launch. Approximately 50% of BCP startups have launched successfully, with several teams raising angel and venture financing.



We would like to extend a special thank you to all the alumni mentors, speakers and executives who hosted workshops and office hours. Your expertise and insights accelerate the trajectory of our startups!

Generous Supporters

James Freedman (’78) William Grabe (’63) Faye Karnavy-Sahai (’95)

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The Accelerator’s experiential learning complements the Price Center’s entrepreneurial curriculum and activities. Accelerator companies enjoy guest speakers and practical workshops; access to a large and engaged mentor network and coaching via office hours; and the opportunity to participate in a number of business plan competitions. The staff connects teams with professional service providers and industry experts that include law firms, sources of capital, and alumni. Most importantly, the Accelerator fosters a sense of community among its resident teams and serves as a significant addition to the UCLA entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The extensive resources and year-long programming provide both a learning opportunity and practical know-how for founders to launch their companies while in the Accelerator. Founder testimonials attest to the impact of the program and the staff who function as full-time advisors. Accelerator alumni companies are operating at an 85% success rate due to the hands-on advisory work and resources offered from UCLA Anderson.

We need your support for the growing number of founders who are seeking program inclusion. You can donate to the Accelerator by donating your time as a speaker or mentor; providing access to your network; or making a financial contribution.

Please contact us to connect with any of our companies and learn more about how you can support our efforts.

Trish Halamandaris (’92)
Anderson Venture Accelerator

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Beatina Theopold
Sr. Program Manager, Price Center

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Fallon Coleman
Sr. Program Coordinator,
Events and Operations

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Sr. Program Coordinator,

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