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DOTM Working Papers

A list of all of the working papers of our Decisions, Operations & Technology Management faculty have been gathered together [here]. Below we list some of the groundbreaking research for which our world-class faculty is known.

DOTM Notable Research

Reza Ahmadi

Concurrent Crashing and Overlapping in Product Development.
Operations Research. 52(4): 606-622. July-August 2004.

Managing Development Risk in Product Design Processes.
Operations Research. 47(2): 235-246. March-April 1999.

Christiane Barz

A Unifying Approximate Dynamic Programming Model for the Economic Lot Scheduling Problem.
Operations Research. Submitted.

Risk-sensitive Capacity Control in Revenue Management.
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research. 65(3): 565-579. 2007.

Sushil Bikhchandani

Information Cascades.
The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics.. Second Edition. S.N. Durlauf, L.E. Blume (eds.). 2008.

The Package Assignment Model.
Journal of Economic Theory. 107: 377-406. 2002.

Felipe Caro

Inventory Management of a Fast-Fashion Retail Network.
Operations Research. 58(2): 257-273. March-April 2010.

Dynamic Assortment with Demand Learning for Seasonal Consumer Goods.
Management Science. 53(2): 276-292. February 2007.

Charles Corbett

Extending the Horizons: Environmental Excellence as Key to Improving Operations.
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 8(1): 5-22. Winter 2006.

The Financial Impact Of ISO 9000 Certification in the United States: An Empirical Analysis.
Management Science. 51(7): 1046-1059. July 2005.

Uday Karmarkar

Contracting for Collaborative Services.
Management Science. 56(5): 849-863. May 2010.

Information Services in the U.S. Economy: Value, Jobs and Management Implications.
California Management Review. (50)3: 12-30. Spring 2008.

John Mamer

A Decomposition Based Pricing Procedure for Large Scale Linear Programs: An Application to the Linear Multicommodity Flow Problem.
Management Science. 46(5): 693-709. May 2000.

Solving Multicommodity Flow Problems with a Primal Embedded Network Simplex Algorithm.
INFORMS Journal on Computing. 9(2): 154-163. Spring 1997.

Kevin McCardle

A Decision Analysis Tool for Evaluating Fundraising Tiers.
Decision Analysis. 6(1): 4-13. March 2009.

Valuing Oil Properties: Integrating Option Pricing and Decision Analysis Approaches.
Operations Research. 46(2): 198-217. March-April 1998.

Donald Morrison

A Live Baby or Your Money Back: The Marketing of In Vitro Fertilization Procedures.
Management Science. 49(12): 1617-1635. December 2003.

The Effect of Package Coupons on Brand Choice: An Epilogue on Profits.
Marketing Science. 15(2): 192-203. Spring 1996.

Kumar Rajaram

Process Location and Product Distribution with Uncertain Yields.
Operations Research. 60(5): 1050-1063. September-October 2012.

Flow Management To Optimize Retail Profits At Theme Parks.
Operations Research. 51(2): 175-184. 2003.

Guillaume Roels

Contracting for Collaborative Services.
Management Science. 56(5): 849-863. May 2010.

The Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains: Quantifying the Efficiency of Price-Only Contracts.
Management Science. 53(8): 1249-1268. August 2007.

Rakesh Sarin

Engineering Happiness.
University of California Press. March 2012.

Predicting Utility under Satiation and Habit Formation.
Management Science. 56(2): 286-301. February 2010.

Christopher Tang

Managing New Product Development and Supply Chain Risks: The Boeing 787 Case.
Supply Chain Forum. 10(2): 74-86. 2009.

Advance Booking Discount Programs under Retail Competition.
Management Science. 50(5): 701-708. May 2004.