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Alumni Career Services offers a comprehensive set of resources to support UCLA Anderson alumni career development. No matter what stage you are in your career, take advantage of the benefits exclusive to UCLA Anderson alumni to ensure your continued professional success.

Access may require an alumni login. User ID: FirstName LastName. Password: Last 4-digits of SSN or 9-digit student ID number.

Latest Webinar
Job Search Manifesto v02
Steve Hernandez

Steve Hernandez, Director of Wharton's Executive MBA program and co-author of the book The Job Search Manifesto, discusses the types of roles that are available and how, where, and when we all work. The webinar provides a step-by-step approach to job hunting and explore the best strategies to empower you to make career moves to get you where you want to be, ace your next interview, and negotiate the raise you deserve.

Recommended for: all alumni, job seekers, networking, career growth

Career Coaching
Get personalized, one-on-one coaching on all aspects—and in all phases—of your career from career coaches who specialize in working with the MBA alumni population.

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Job Postings
Ready to make a move or want to Hire Anderson? Search job postings or post job openings accessible only by UCLA Anderson alumni.


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Career Resources
Explore our best practice advice and leverage our toolkits on how to excel in the job search process and on the job.

Research the marketplace to identify job opportunities, build a target companies list and learn about your target areas of interest.

Resume & Cover Letters

Communicate your career narrative in a targeted, accomplishment-focused and visually appealing way. 


Develop your narrative and a networking action plan to create, build and maintain relationships for your career development or job transition.


Gain insights on effectively communicating your value and ability to contribute to your target employer. 


Learn how to manage, evaluate, negotiate and accept (or decline) offers. 

Career Advancement

Excel in your current role or advance to the next step by proactively managing your career.

Career Transition

Understand your skills and interests to identify target roles and position yourself effectively in the job search.


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