Clubs & Associations

Our clubs and associations are an important aspect of the student experience, enhancing the school’s programming and its focus on career preparation while encouraging lifelong bonds. Many of UCLA Anderson’s events and initiatives are hosted by clubs that are student-run — offering important leadership opportunities and often spotlighting underrepresented groups. Most every active interest at Anderson has a dynamic group behind it, presenting all students with a wide array of options to further their pursuits and support their passions.


ASA Officers

  • Michelle Stotz


    Abby Williamson

    Executive VP

    Kevin Lam

    VP of Student Affairs

    Courtney Taira

    VP of Alumni Relations

  • Ghermayn Baker

    VP of Academic Affairs

    Aravinth Srinivasan

    VP of IT/Technology

    Abdulkamal Abdullahi

    VP of Ethics and Professionalism

    Gabriel Reginato

    VP of Financial Development

  • Tazia Middleton

    VP of Diversity, Inclusion and Community

    Jose Diaz de la Hoz

    VP of International Student Relations

    Anna McKeon

    VP of Social Events

    Christa Beal

    Social Chair

  • Geoff Sokolowski

    Social Chair