Student Health

Student Health

Health insurance is mandatory for all UCLA students. All registered students are automatically enrolled in the UCLA Graduate UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). The cost is included in your registration fees. If you have a private health care plan that meets the University's criteria, you can waive the insurance and fee online before your registration payment deadline. Detailed information on the criteria for waiving can be found below.

Health Insurance

The student health coverage offered by UCLA is the most convenient insurance. All students can use on-campus student health services whether they have UC SHIP or not, though students with private insurance will pay a nominal fee for services on campus. All fees are billed directly to BruinBill.

UC SHIP Benefits Packages:

Medical Benefits
Medical benefits are provided by Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Company. A referral must be obtained from the Ashe Center to an outside Anthem provider.

Behavioral/Mental Health Benefits
Behavioral/Mental health benefits are provided by UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and UCLA Neuro-Psychiatric Behavioral Health Services (NPBHS); a referral must be obtained and managed by CAPS for BHS. UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services

Dental Benefits
Dental benefits are provided by Delta Dental. UCLA Delta Dental

Vision Benefits
Vision benefits are provided by Anthem Blue View Vision UCLA Anthem Blue View Vision

Pharmacy Benefits
Pharmacy benefits are administered by Ventegra at (877) 867-0943. 

24/7 Nurseline
A 24/7 Nurseline (1-310-825-4073 option 2) is available to all registered UCLA students when the Ashe Center is closed.

Travel Assistance

Pharmacy benefits are administered by Ventegra at (877) 867-0943. 

ACE Travel Assistance is available for emergency assistance services when students are more than 100 miles away from UCLA.

For detailed information on medical benefits, please visit the Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center website or call the Ashe Center at (310) 825-4073.



UC SHIP Rates and Coverage Dates:

UCLA Health insurance coverage will begin on the first day of Anderson Onboarding and will extend until you graduate. You should consider obtaining external insurance coverage prior to the effective date of GSHIP; one option to explore is the Gateway USA policy offered by Gateway Insurance. Student Affairs will email you with more details starting in May, 2021.

The cost of UC SHIP will be automatically assessed as part of the registration fees each term. The annual cost is divided by the number of terms. Spring Quarter coverage includes the summer period following that term.

Coverage for Dependents (Significant Others, Children):

UC SHIP coverage is available for dependents of insured students. Dependents are enrolled through the Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Company's PPO plan. Anthem Blue Cross has contracted Wells Fargo Insurance Services to conduct enrollment and provide administrative services. A description of the Dependent PPO plan benefits is on the website. Dependents can also obtain coverage through Covered California at or (800) 300-1606. UC SHIP coverage includes all "essential health benefits" mandated by the Affordable Care Act (2010) with no annual or lifetime maximum limits.

Dependent PPO PlanCovered California

Behavioral/Mental Health Coverage

Counseling and treatment for mental health and wellness is provided for all registered students at UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The center serves as the primary provider and is where all treatment must be initiated and where short-term outpatient therapy is conducted. For care beyond the scope of the center, CAPS will refer appropriate cases to UCLA Neuropsychiatric Behavioral Health Services.

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