GAP Makes a Significant and Immediate Impact

The value of our Global Access Program (GAP) can be measured in a number of ways. To date, over $2.8 billion in new investment capital has been raised with the help of GAP strategic plans. GAP has also helped international firms form strategic partnerships, secure financing, create new subsidiaries and secure foreign distribution partners, and some companies have been acquired. GAP has helped 820 companies advance their businesses to a higher level
in its 24-year history.

“The primary research derived from GAP is of huge value. The quality of the final thesis is backed by comprehensive research. The program proctored by great advisors and judges, and because of this, we have great confidence in the final result – an objective view from a critical set of eyes.”

Admir Abdurahmanovic
VP Business Development, PrimeKey

How the Program Works

Accelerate Your Global Expansion

Global expansion is risky, uncharted territory for a growing enterprise. Each year, 40 to 50 companies in GAP from 8 to 10 foreign countries explore new-market entry strategies to the United States. GAP offers senior executives the critical information they need to make complex decisions with increased confidence.

GAP selects teams of five MBA students to work closely with the top management of your company. As a team, students will spend over 2,000 hours in research, analysis and consultation as they develop new strategies for growth. This provides significant value over traditional consulting alternatives.

Real-time Market Insights, Sophisticated Analysis, Actionable Recommendations

The team develops an investment-grade strategic plan that includes comprehensive competitive analysis, market pricing and specific market launch strategies. To help you achieve your goals, the team begins by completing extensive secondary research. Then the team will attend a handful of relevant trade shows and/or conferences to perform primary market research. Along with detailed financial projections, GAP plans provide actionable marketing and operational and strategic recommendations.

By leveraging the knowledge of a diverse team of MBA candidates and their highly experienced faculty advisor, GAP companies can vastly expand their understanding of target markets. GAP companies benefit from 125 primary research interviews conducted on their behalf with potential customers, competitors and industry experts. 

The project culminates with a formal, investment-quality presentation to a panel of three expert judges. Each team presents detailed, actionable recommendations for how to proceed. In addition, each team provides a detailed financial forecast to support the recommendations.

Successful Professionals, Exceptional Students

How could a team of Fully Employed MBA students have the experience necessary to understand the complexities and challenges of new-market entry? UCLA Anderson’s fully employed MBA (FEMBA) students are executive-level professionals themselves, excelling in their careers while earning their degrees. The average employment compensation of a GAP student is US$111,000 per year.

On average, FEMBA students possess seven years of work experience, with backgrounds in fields such as marketing, finance, operations and technology. As executives at some of the world's most successful companies, our students are often subject matter experts in your particular field. This creates unique and immediate value for GAP companies. To learn more about GAP students, please visit our student profiles page.