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Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson


2020 Showcase

October 21, 2020

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Pixel Canvas

Pixel Canvas is a 3D rendered, digital events platform that enables keynotes, exhibits and live networking. Enhancing digital events allows Pixel Canvas to create events with higher reach, lower cost, and a richer experience than what is possible with physical events alone.

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MAGICdATES makes sweet date-based snacks that are paleo, vegan, and have no added sugar.

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Dalton Bioanalytics

Dalton Bioanalytics invented a technology that uses a single multi-omic data set to analyze blood samples for researcher to identify earlier detection of diseases.

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Rabble Health

Rabble Health empowers patients to manage cancer diagnosis with greater clarity, choice, and connection by providing patients with the right tools and resources at the right time during their battle with cancer.

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Evee makes planning group events easier. Our platform provides aggregated venues that have everything you need for your corporate event or private party. We minimize research and booking time for no extra fees.

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YouMeMine makes finding an egg donor or surrogate simple. We developed a marketplace platform that provides the largest global egg donor and surrogate database in the world. Intended parents can now search profiles from all the top agencies in one place.

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rest. is a lead qualification software tool for estate planning lawyers to onboard customers in a cost-effective rate and timely manner.

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Fresh Curry Chefs

Fresh Curry Chefs deliver Indian food meal kits that can be cooked in 15-minutes or less.

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Amptron Medical

Amptron Medical developed a low cost, easy-to-use respiratory care solution for neonatal patients that provides higher acuity respiratory care for a 600M neonatal market.

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The Hurd Company

The Hurd Company developed a patent-pending process to make fabric from agricultural waste with agrilose™: a cost-competitive, sustainable, fiber feedstock pulp. Agrilose™ is a sustainable product that does not cost a premium and integrates seamlessly with brands’ supply chains.

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Alumni Companies

Exemplifying Anderson's strong startup track record are a few select startups presenting their growth and traction after participating in our programs.

Daylight Community Development

Daylight Community Development builds affordable and supportive housing in Los Angeles to combat the homeless housing crisis.

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Hakuna Brands

Hakuna Brands makes plant-based, non-dairy, ice cream without sugar, artificial ingredients, or added flavors.

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iGPS builds affordable and scalable location awareness technologies for consumer and business applications.

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Liquid, Inc.

Liquid is the fastest and easiest way to contract and pay your global, liquid workforce.

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YouMeMine makes finding an egg donor or surrogate simple. We developed a marketplace platform that provides the largest global egg donor and surrogate database in the world. Intended parents can now search profiles from all the top agencies in one place.

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UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator

Founded as a partnership between UCLA Anderson School of Management and the UCLA Rosenfeld Library in 2016, the Anderson Venture Accelerator is a 10,000-square-foot active learning environment designed to facilitate the launch of UCLA affiliated ventures. As part of the Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Accelerator offers a platform that provides practical experience to complement students’ academic pursuits across the schools of business, engineering and medicine, as well as the College of Letters and Science, in support of their early-stage startups. The Accelerator annually runs two different programs, and serves as a year-round resource to Anderson Entrepreneurs.

Business Creation Option (BCO)
UCLA Anderson is widely recognized for its entrepreneurial programs, which focus on teaching entrepreneurship, driving innovation and creating successful startups. Launched in 2004, the BCO program emphasizes experiential learning and has graduated dozens of startups over its 15-year history. In BCO, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to launch their companies while still in school. MBA students formulate market strategies, develop and test hypotheses and conduct research that leads to the implementation of a business plan. While in the six-month BCO program, these early-stage startups work in the Accelerator, where they receive hands-on training, personalized coaching and customized programming to advance their path to launch. Approximately 50 percent of BCO program startups have launched successfully, with a number of teams raising angel and venture financing.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the alumni mentors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, speakers and executives who hosted workshops and office hours. Your expertise and insights accelerate the trajectory of our startups!

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Generous Supporters

James Freedman (’78)
William Grabe (’63)
Karnavy-Sahai (’95)

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The Accelerator’s experiential learning complements the Price Center’s entrepreneurial curriculum, programs and activities. Accelerator companies enjoy guest speakers and practical workshops; access to entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs), a mentor network and coaching via office hours; and the opportunity to participate in a number of business plan and pitch competitions. The staff connects teams with professional service providers and industry experts that include law firms, sources of capital and alumni. Most importantly, the Accelerator fosters a sense of community among its resident teams and serves as a significant addition to the UCLA entrepreneurial ecosystem.

You can support the Accelerator by donating your time as a speaker, mentor or advisor; providing access to your network; or making a financial contribution.

Please contact us to connect with any of our companies and/or learn more about how you can support our efforts.

Trish Halamandaris (’92)
Anderson Venture Accelerator

Janet Chung (’18)
Program Manager, Price Center

Will Freas
Sr. Program Coordinator,
Anderson Venture Accelerator