Many Paths. One Goal.

When you arrive, you’ll be immersed in life-changing experiences and they’ll continue throughout your time here — and beyond.

From becoming a leader in our clubs to taking international trips with new friends to learning how to leverage your experience toward the career of your dreams, your schedule will be as full of opportunity as you want it.

What Makes Anderson Different?

“I truly believe that you’re only as good as the company you keep, and great company is the reason I chose UCLA Anderson. Shared success is in the DNA of the student body and faculty. That alacrity has had a foothold in every aspect of my time at Anderson so far, from building revenue growth strategies with teammates in the Anderson Strategy Group to clinching trivia night wins on Sawtelle with classmates, to working together to draw deeper insights from C-suite guest lecturers in class. I’m excited to continue sharing my experiences to help the Anderson community—new and prospective—capitalize on the resources offered here and collectively reach their goals.”

Scott Sternad (’20)

A Global Culture

You will expand your thinking here through your collaboration with your fellow students, many of whom are from countries around the globe.
28% Minorities37% Women48% International Citizens197 Undergraduate Institutions43 Countries Represented (Classes of 2024 & 2025)

The Anderson Experience

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Our Stories


Interested in a Tech Management Career?

Taylor St Clair ('19)

Senior Product Manager, Amazon


Finding an Investment Banking Career at UCLA Anderson

Neil Doshi (’18)

Investment Banking Associate, Credit Suisse

Finding the Right Job — It’s Okay to Hold Out

Veronica Perry ('17)

Senior Retail Consultant, Capgemini


Owning It: Using Storytelling to Get Your Dream Job

Amanda Kullman ('17)

Product Manager, Apple

From Bedside to the Boardroom

Lynn Compton (’17)

Senior Implementation Coach, McKinsey


Finding the Path to the Career You Want

Lucy Prom (’16)

Senior Manager, Thrive Gives – Thrive Market


A Day in the Life of a UCLA Anderson MBA

Katrina Kurnit (’17)

B.A., Duke University


Career Achievement Like Clockwork

Bert Snarr (’15)

Investment Banking Associate, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


From Denali to Google

Neil Kapur (’15)

Business Development – Payments, Google


Managing a Wealth of Perspectives

Colleen Thomas (’17)

Strategy Consultant, Accenture


Finding Home Away from Home

Suyash Jape (’15)

Senior Product Manager, Amazon


Our Stories

Jessica Kimball, MBA '15


Our Stories

Lindsay Shaffer, MBA '15

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