Featured Research

Our MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONS area faculty conduct research on a number of different topics. Below are a few examples of our recent work.

Household Energy Conservation: Appeal to Cost Savings or Environmental and Health Impacts?

Magali Delmas studied how money-saving messages lose impact over time, while worry about dangerous pollution helps consumers show discipline


Snarky Co-Workers Can Ruin Morale, Even When the Boss Is Supportive

Malignant personalities loom large in workplace happiness; Corinne Bendersky’s research suggests that a supervisor’s positive tone carries only so far


The Nudge That Sticks: You Are (Not) a Top Performer

Craig Fox and Noah Goldstein’s research examines how peer ranking might cut dangerous antibiotic overuse


Get Rid of the Performance Review!

It destroys morale, kills teamwork and hurts the bottom line. And that's just for starters.


Selection BIAS: Stereotypes and Discrimination Related to Having a History of Cancer

Although great strides have been made in increasing equality and inclusion in organizations, a number of stigmatized groups are overlooked by diversity initiatives, including people with a history of cancer.


Where Do Racism and Sexism Intersect at the Office?

Businesses Can Build More Inclusive Workplaces by Recognizing the Nuances of Bias