Media & Technology Industry Information

Media & Technology Industry Information

Prepared for the Global Entertainment Executive Program at the UCLA Anderson School

Industry Profiles |  Metrics/Trends |  Key Players |  Resources |  Countries

A. START WITH AN INDUSTRY PROFILE  - Narratives that define the industry and often more.

A-1. Industry, Trade & the Economy: Data and Analysis -  Industry Analysis (ITA)

A-2. Industry Outlook as Employer (U.S. Dept. of Labor) -  Information Industries

A-3.  Government Information - Industry - UCLA Rosenfeld Library

B. GATHER METRICS & TRENDS - Industry statistics & consumer demographics

B-1.  Communications by the Numbers - Telecommunications Industry Assn

B-2.  Wireline Competition Bureau Statistical Reports - FCC Industry Analysis and Technology Division

B-3.  Wireless Trends: Technology & Applications - TIA, 12-13-2006[see slides 4 & 5]

B-4.  E-Stats - Measuring the Electronic Economy &  Retail E-Commerce Sales - U.S. Census

C. IDENTIFY THE KEY PLAYERS  - For list of leading companies and competitors in this industry.

C-1.  Industries List - Big Charts/MarketWatch

C-2.  Online CTIA Industry Directory - wireless industry companies

D. MORE RESOURCES TO PURSUE  - associations, trade magazines, and industry portals.

D-1.  Wireless 101 (glossary, etc.) - CTIA The Wireless Assn

D-2.  Industries Trends - Digital Media Association

D-3.  Media Bureau - FCC

D-4.  Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - FCC

D-5.  Wireless Wave - CTIA quarterly trade magazine

D-6. Quantity and Value of U.S. Exports and Imports by Country - OTII

D-7. Legislation -

  • Technology Industry
  • Telecommunication Industry
  • Computer Industry
  • More Legislation on Business, Trade, and other Subjects.

D-8.  BEOnline - from the Library of Congress

D-9.  Librarian's Index to the Internet - Business

E. COUNTRY PROFILES  - country background and current picture

E-1.  Background Notes. - U.S. Dept. of State.

E-2.  Country Studies. - Library of Congress.

E-3.  World Factbook. - U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

E-4.  International Economic Trends. - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

For drop-in access to UCLA-licensed databases, use the  library terminals across from the  Circulation Counter in the  Rosenfeld Library (Room E-301). (Access does not include Anderson-Only databases).

Databases Best for ... Industry Information

Here are a couple of sample research strategies with recommended databases and tested search steps.

Assessing Global Issues
Competitive Intelligence