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The UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate
Advancing thought leadership in the field of real estate by generating influential research, educating the next generation of leaders and providing meaningful forums for industry professionals and policymakers.
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The Ziman Center sponsors a wide array of UCLA Anderson, UCLA Law and UCLA undergraduate student organizations, programs and activities to augment student training and development for careers in real estate.
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Housing is fundamental to our quality of life, not just in Los Angeles, but around the world. UCLA possesses the academic expertise and core public education and service mission to play a leadership role in this area.

Success is Making a Difference, According to Dick Ziman

Dick Ziman is an integral leader and influencer in the the real estate community and at UCLA Anderson (as a member of our Board of Advisors and of the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate board). He measures success by his contribution, which is not only in the form of guidance, but in his generous financial support. This is his story.

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First All-Female Team Wins NAIOP SoCal Silver Shovel

UCLA won the Silver Shovel at the 23rd annual NAIOP SoCal USC vs. UCLA Real Estate Challenge, which was held virtually this year

In The News

LeadingAge engage Magazine:

“Beyond IWISH – Applying A Systems Change Approach To Integrating Care At Home”

Reality Check

UCLA Anderson Professor Stuart Gabriel of the UCLA Ziman Center developed his MBA real estate course for the pandemic era

Faculty Research

COVID-19-Induced Eviction Moratoria Reduced Hunger and Anxiety

Housing guaranteed, rent payments went toward food

Rising Rents Force Families to Curtail Spending on Food and Health Care

Cost burdens affect half of U.S. households that rent, as housing shortage worsens


How Will You Spend Your IPO Windfall?

“Uh, I already bought a house”: Tech workers spend ahead of actual stock sales