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Academics at UCLA Anderson are true to the school’s unique culture. You will be expected to collaborate in diverse teams and engage in lively class discussions every day. You’ll find the highly interactive academic experience helps you sharpen the skills you'll need to work with peers throughout your career.

Preparing to Succeed


Business school academics are challenging for all students, but they can be especially challenging when you are getting used to speaking and writing in a language that is not your first. Make a plan to start practicing your English skills now, before school begins, so that you feel more comfortable when you arrive.

The Dashew Center has great resources for further developing your English skills, check them out on their site here. Additionally, below you can find resources on acclimating to the academic environment in the U.S. We also encourage you to seek out your own preparation methods. Even watching English television, reading English periodicals or conversing with your friends in English will help!

Academic Resources:

Online Courses

Anderson has created its own self-paced online courses in math and Excel to help you get ready for MBA academics.

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We offer first-year students free tutors for all of their core courses. Tutors are second-year MBA students who have successfully completed core courses with A or A+ grades. They provide weekly one-on-one sessions to help you master all of your subjects.

Meet the Associate Director of Academic Life


“ MBA Student Affairs supports you at every step of the way through your academic journey. If you need anything at all, we’re here to help. We realize that international students can face unique challenges when engaging in a business school education in a secondary language and a brand new culture. We offer advising to assist your transition and guide you towards the right courses to meet your educational, career and personal goals. ”

Jeanette Reyes Chavez
Associate Director of Academic Life

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