Housing and Utilities

The Housing and Utilities page provides a quick overview of some of the different housing resources and tips that students employ to find housing in neighboring communities, as well as links for setting up your utilities. While some students choose to live in University Apartments, many students prefer to live off-campus in privately-owned housing. Below is useful information and links to aid in your relocation process to the Los Angeles area.

Student Neighborhoods

To help with your move to the Los Angeles area, the map below highlights the different communities around the UCLA Campus. For specific information on where our students live make sure to also view our VeryApt UCLA Anderson Housing Guide.

University Housing

If you are interested in the possibility of living in a UCLA-owned University Apartment managed by the UCLA Housing office, you must first submit an online application via the My Housing portal; the application for the 2024-2025 Academic Year will open on May 1, 2024.

A completed UCLA Housing application and fee are required in order to be considered for a University Apartment. While all applicants who have been accepted by UCLA Anderson can apply, UCLA Housing is not guaranteed for graduate students and there are not enough University Apartments to accommodate all requests. We encourage you to consider all housing options and to use the resources below to aid in your housing search. If you have any questions pertaining to UCLA Housing specifically, please contact UCLA Housing directly at (310) 206-7011.

The selection and allocation process for University Apartments is dependent on whether you are applying for Single Graduate housing or Family housing.

In addition to the regular housing process administered by UCLA Housing, UCLA Anderson manages a departmental priority list with a very limited number of housing units for incoming MBA students.

In order to be considered for the departmental priority list, you must submit a UCLA Housing application as instructed above and complete our housing survey that will be available in April/May. Note: Securing a place on the priority list does not guarantee an allocation, but provides priority placement on the housing waitlist managed by UCLA Housing. We recommend reading the FAQ below to better understand the University Housing process. 

University Housing FAQ

For up-to-date information regarding University Housing and for questions that may not be addressed below, please visit the official UCLA University Housing page.

Do I need to submit an application to be considered for UCLA Housing?

Yes, in order to be considered for UCLA Housing, you must submit an application through My Housing by June 30. Submitted applications are assigned lottery numbers, which dictate the order in which housing offers are made. Lottery number assignments are made on July 6 of the application year for all applications received by July 1. In addition, incoming UCLA Anderson MBA students who have paid their deposit and submitted their Student Intent to Register (SIR) form can also submit the MBA-420: Limited UCLA Anderson Housing Survey to be considered for the UCLA Anderson lottery. We will notify admitted students when the MBA-420: Limited UCLA Anderson Housing Survey opens in late April.


How much is the UCLA Housing application fee?

The UCLA Housing application fee is $30 and is nonrefundable. The application fee does not guarantee a housing offer, or that an apartment will be available at the time the applicant wants to move in. The application and offer timeline can be found here.


If selected for a UCLA Housing allocation through the UCLA Anderson lottery, am I guaranteed my first housing preference?

If you are selected for a UCLA Housing allocation through the UCLA Anderson lottery, you will be guaranteed a place on the UCLA Anderson priority housing list for either a Single or Family allocation, however, a Housing allocation is not guaranteed. UCLA Housing will manage the allocation process based on the preferences submitted in your UCLA Housing application and apartment availability. If none of your preferences are available, UCLA Housing will not be able to provide you with a housing allocation. Please note that Family allocations are rare and that UCLA Anderson has a very limited number of Family allocations. Also, The Boulevard apartment building for Single allocations is owned by the medical school and gives priority to UCLA Medical's House Staff.


If selected for a UCLA Housing allocation, when will I receive an offer?

Lottery offers will begin in early July. Offers will be made on a regular basis depending on space availability. Students included on a departmental priority list are given the highest priority and are offered first. After them, graduate students from the regular UCLA Housing lottery are considered. Lottery housing offers will continue to be made throughout the entirety of the academic year until mid-April of the following year, when inventory is allocated to the next year's incoming applicants. Once on the waiting list, you can check in periodically by sending an email to uclahousing@housing.ucla.edu to determine your position on the waiting list.


What type of University apartments can I apply for through UCLA Housing?

Single graduate students have the option to apply for housing in six University apartment complexes. If students are offered a studio or 1 bedroom accommodation in Single Graduate Housing, they may request to add an Additional Tenant to their contract. Students with families are housed exclusively in University Village. Please review UCLA Housing’s website for more information on the types of apartments available, virtual tours and housing rates.


If I am selected for an allocation in University Village, what documentation do I need to provide?

The University (UCLA Housing) will ask residents to provide original or certified copies of documents that demonstrate proof of eligibility. Students should be prepared to provide a marriage certificate/domestic partnership registration and/or birth certificates of any children. Shared utility bills, joint banking statements and rental agreements that establish at minimum a one-year relationship may also be used to show proof of relationship.


Privately Owned Housing

Many MBA students opt to rent off-campus, privately owned housing in the popular and convenient neighborhoods of Brentwood, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Westwood and the South Bay area, which includes a number of different communities. UCLA is located in Westwood, but Brentwood, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles are fairly close to campus. Two-thirds of UCLA's students choose to live within five miles of campus, half of that number within a mile. The VeryApt UCLA Anderson Housing Guide has more detailed information available on its website, which provides descriptions of Los Angeles neighborhoods, cost information and current student feedback.

House-Hunting Tips



Once you decide where to live and have signed a rental agreement, you will then need to set up your utilities. Below are links to some of the local utility companies that you can explore further.