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Public Speaking Club at Anderson's mission is to help you become better at speaking in front of a large audience, delivering your message with confidence and grace. We aim to help you cultivate the ability to think on your feet and feel comfortable being in the spotlight. We welcome everyone, irrespective of their current skill levels. You can never be too good at public speaking, and you're never as bad at it as you think!

PSC Officers

Impromptu Public Speaking
Get used to thinking on the spot

Storytelling for Interviews
Structure your thoughts before you speak

Convince the Audience
Express to influence

Deal with Cold-calling
Improve class participation and enhance discussions

Business Presenting
Learn best practices to create & deliver formal presentations

Speak Up!
Move past your stage fear

PSC Speaker Series
Learn from the best public speakers known globally

Cultural Nuances in Workplace
Learn how variables such as accent change perceptions

Happy Hours and Cross-club events
Build long term friendships and network

PSC Speaker Series
Connect With Us
For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.