Research and Insights

Faculty Research

At the core of our knowledge-creation efforts are the research faculty of the Anderson School of Management. We leverage the academic community by interacting and collaborating with researchers from universities around the world. To ground our research in hard facts, we interface with companies that have access to a wealth of information, as well as forward-thinking clients who are willing to collaborate to study pressing business problems and implement advanced solutions. Each year, we bring together the research community to share their latest findings and distribute this intel to other researchers, students and practitioners.

What MEMES Offers

Company research opportunities with UCLA AndersonCompany Research Opportunities

Companies can partner with MEMES on student-team and faculty-advised research projects. The company will provide a problem and supporting data. Research results are presented to the company. Research projects can be included in corporate partnerships or done as stand-alone projects.

UCLA Anderson MEMES Proprietary Research Studies

Companies can participate in MEMES proprietary research projects exploring new ideas that will have industry impact.

Our Knowledge Partners

Teradata | Data and Analytics, Cloud Analytics, & Consulting

Teradata is a global leader in analytic data platforms, marketing, analytic applications and consulting services. UCLA Center for MEMES and Teradata have strategically partnered on a long term initiative focusing on the value of data analytics. The partnership includes sponsorship of a series of MEMES Insights Executive Workshops that shares innovative ideas and sparks executive conversation around Why Big Data Matters.

"MEMES has an outstanding faculty team with in-depth marketing and strategic insights and the analytical foresight to challenge status quo and forge ahead. We consider MEMES to be an integral part of our team."
-Mary E. Gros, Teradata Corporation