Competitive Intelligence

Corporate Picture, Focus Who leads this company? When did this company begin? What are this company's plans? What does expert opinion say? Who are the leading competitors? Industry Environment How did this industry begin? How are products made? Components relied upon? Any multi-industrial linkages? Technological developments? How do I update these analyses? Socio-Political Environment Government or industry regulations? Current or pending legislation? What market changes would affect it? What economic indicators would affect it? What market barriers exist?
Corporate Picture, Focus: Company & Competitors
Industry Environment
Socio-Political Environment


A-1. When did this company begin? How did it develop?

A-2. Who leads this company?

  • Access WorldNews (NewsBank) (Databases by Name)
    Type in: exxon ; Search
  • Hoover's Online - Company Profile includes Key People. (Databases A-Z)
    Also in print as Hoover's Handbook of American Business (Reference - HG 4057 A28617)
  • Reference Book of Corporate Managements (Reference Collection)
  • Who's Who in Finance and Industry (Reference Collection)

A-3. What are this company's plans?

  • LexisNexis Academic (Databases A-Z
    Business; Industry & Market; Keyword: Palm; Industry: Computer & Telecom; Date: Previous six months; Search
  • Databases A-Z)
    Enter free-text terms: intel near plans; Select date: in the last year; Select sources: All Content; Run Search

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A-5. Who are the leading competitors?


B-1. How did this industry begin? Major developments?

B-2. How are products made? What components are relied upon?

B-3. What are the multi-industrial linkages?

B-4. What technological developments that will affect this industry?

Hoover's Online (Databases A-Z

  • LexisNexis Academic (

    C-1. What government or industry regulations affect operations?

    C-2. What current or pending legislation will be affecting operations? C-3. What market changes affect operations? C-4. What economic indicators would affect operations?
    • Council of Economic Advisors (U.S.). Economic Indicators (Unbound issues on second floor)
    • Economic Indicators Handbook (Reference - HC 103 E26)
    • Guide to Economic Indicators (Reference - HC 103 F9)
    • Handbook of Economic and Financial Measures (Reference - HC 106.8 H36)
    • Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (Reference - HA 202)
    • U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Return to Strategic Questions
      C-5. What market barriers exist in U.S.? Internationally?
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Economist Intelligence Unit. Country Forecast (Reference Room - Nexis Workstations)
    Use: world;bifsvc;headline(united states) [for the U.S.]
  • IBC International Country Risk Guide (Reference Room - Nexis Workstations)
    Use: world;ibccrg;country(united states) [for the U.S.]
  • IL&T: Investing, Licensing & Trading Conditions Abroad (Reserve - HC 59 B964i)
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