Field Experiments in Strategy

Longer than any other business school, UCLA Anderson has offered a field study experience for students to fulfill the master’s thesis requirement. For even longer, UCLA has been a world-renowned research institution, attracting students and faculty who are dedicated to the most rigorous, high-quality methodologies. The Field Experiments in Strategy (FEiSty) course brings these two strengths together, so that students can gain important skills in A/B testing under the guidance of expert faculty, and in a real-world client setting.
Jana Gallus

“I created FEiSty because rigorous experimentation is essential for turning data into insight, and our students will use this experience to great effect throughout their careers."

Dr. Jana Gallus, Associate Professor


This is a brand-new capstone course that draws on the instructor’s expertise working with a broad variety of organizations, including NASA, Coursera (massive online education), various other private sector firms (mostly in tech), Wikipedia, the American Red Cross, hospitals, schools, and universities. Past projects have focused on topics in incentive design, inclusion, and innovation.
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