Retail Business Association (RBA)

The Retail Business Association (RBA) provides UCLA Anderson students with the tools they need to develop into future business leaders in the retail industry. The RBA serves to strengthen Anderson students’ knowledge of the retail industry and the various functions within it, such as marketing, finance, operations and merchandising. The club supports students’ desires to learn more about the retail industry, enter the retail sector and/or launch their own businesses.

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San Francisco Day-on-the-Job (DOJ) Trek
The RBA travels to San Francisco during DOJ week in the fall to visit companies such as Allbirds, Brandless, Chubbies, Gap Inc. and more. Each visit typically includes a company presentation, office tour and a meet-and-greet with employees.

Evolve Conference
Evolve, an annual retail conference, is put on by the RBA in partnership with the UCLA Anderson Morrison Center for Marketing Studies and Data Analytics. This daylong conference creates an atmosphere for knowledge sharing and networking among students and professionals in the retail industry.

Los Angeles Days-on-the-Job (DOJs)
Days on the Job (DOJs) give students the opportunity to spend the day at a company and learn firsthand about an organization and its core operations. Visits typically include presentations, an office tour and networking opportunities with employees.

Winter Career Night
Winter Career Night is a chance for students and recruiters to discuss full-time and internship opportunities within the field of retail. Last year’s participants included Nike, Centric Brands, Guess, Health-Ade and more!

Dinners for Eight (D48s)
The D48 program provides students with an exciting opportunity to meet with professionals in a smaller group setting, which fosters interactive discussion. Dinner guests’ backgrounds range from design to marketing to entrepreneurship.

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