Master of Science in Business Analytics

Solve Today's Most Challenging Business Problems

Technology now touches every part of our lives. The amount of data available in the business world and financial markets is exploding. Businesses, government, consumers, investors, policymakers and others face major challenges as well as opportunities in adapting to the results of the fast-moving flow of information. The UCLA Anderson Master of Science in Business Analytics will give you the tools to become a leader in this rapidly evolving and in-demand field.

About our Program

The revolution in the availability of data has given birth to entirely new fields in academics. In particular, new paradigms are being developed to manage, capture, describe and analyze the flow of data, and to extract useful and targeted information that can then be used as the basis for making better informed decisions. One of the most important areas in which these paradigms are having an important impact is in business data analytics, or business analytics for short. Specifically, business analytics is the application of statistical, computational, quantitative, econometric and management tools to the informational flows for the purpose of addressing business needs.

“Today’s most innovative companies deal with a phenomenal amount of digital information that informs every aspect of an organization’s operations, from marketing and sales to customer base and market opportunities,”

— Judy D. Olian, dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management

In the employment market, there is a demand for people who are facile in building models and manipulating data and who have a strong fundamental understanding of economics of the firm and appreciation for the firm’s objectives. In addition, there is a need for people who can communicate effectively with others who are not well-trained or well-versed in analytical methods and models. Current demand for data scientists and analytics is being satisfied primarily with individuals with a computer science background who do not necessarily have the background to understand how firms develop products and compete.

Trailblazing Faculty


With a 3:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students have access to world-renowned leaders in business analytics

UCLA Anderson Keith Chen

Keith Chen

Former Head of Economic Research for Uber, where among other projects he redesigned Uber's dynamic "Surge" pricing model.

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UCLA Anderson Elisa Long

Elisa Long

Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management


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UCLA Anderson Peter Rossi

Peter Rossi

Distinguished Professor, James Collins Professor of Marketing, Statistics and Economics


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