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Forecast articles from the quarterly reports are free to read one calendar year after release.

2024 Reports

2021 Reports

Digital Infrastructure, the Economy and Online Microbusinesses - June 2021

Evidence from GoDaddy's Microbusiness Data - William Yu and Leila Bengali


2019 Reports

December 2019 Economic Outlook

The Two Track Economy - David Shulman
What's a Recession? Who Should Worry About a Recession? Is there a Recession Coming Soon? - Edward Leamer
California Enters the Next Decade With Full Employment and Slowing Growth - Jerry Nickelsburg
City Human Capital Index 2017 Update - William Yu
Public Pension Plans, the Economy, and Investment Return Assumptions - Leila Bengali

U.S. Employment Analysis - October 2019

What's the New in the September Payroll Increase of 136,000 Jobs? - Edward Leamer

September 2019 Economic Outlook

The Year of Living Dangerously - David Shulman
The California Growth Spurt Continues to Roll On, But for How Long? - Jerry Nickelsburg
Tech Jobs, Talents, and the Local Economy - William Yu
Parcel Taxes With Perfectly Attentive Homeowners - Leila Bengali

U.S. Employment Analysis - September 2019

What's the New in the August Payroll Increase of 130,000 Jobs? - Edward Leamer

June 2019 Economic Outlook

Fuzzy Data, a Slowing Economy and a Trade War - David Shulman
Commercial Real Estate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - David Shulman
A New Monthly Indicator of the California Economy - Jerry Nickelsburg
Looking for Recession Precursors Among the Contributions to GDP Growth - Edward Leamer
A Brief Overview of Production Costs in the Construction Industry - William Yu
Consequences of the Discontinuation of the 11th District Cost of Funds Index - Jerry Nickelsburg & William Yu

March 2019 Economic Outlook

Global Slowdown - David Shulman
The Housing Puzzle: Affordability Correction or Recession? - Jerry Nickelsburg
How Far into the Future Can Economic Forecaster's Actually See? - Edward Leamer


2018 Reports

December 2018 Economic Outlook

Downshifting to Slower Growth - David Shulman
Will the Tech-Boom Falter if NASDAQ Enters a Long-Term Bear Market? - Jerry Nickelsburg
Employment in the Financial Industry - William Yu

September 2018 Economic Outlook

A Wile E. Coyote Economy? - David Shulman
California's Fiscal Ship: Will it Sink as Freight Carriers From China Turn Around? - Jerry Nickelsburg
The Tech Industry in California - William Yu

June 2018 Economic Outlook

Interest Rates Move to the Center Stage - David Shulman
The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Housing - David Shulman
Affordability, Full Employment, and Economic Growth - Jerry Nickelsburg
Homelessness in the U.S., California, and Los Angeles - William Yu

March 2018 Economic Outlook

Regime Change - David Shulman
Bifurcated No More? - Jerry Nickelsburg
How Important is International Trade to Los Angeles - William Yu


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