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A podcast giving you an inside look into what business school is really like. Stories from current students and successful grads combined into a behind the scenes look at the UCLA Anderson MBA experience. Hosted by 2017 grad Alex Grodnik.

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Latest Episodes


Incorporating passion

On this episode we talk with Darren Pleasance about incorporating passion into a busy life. We lay out a framework for how to make sure your getting what you want out of life and how to calibrate your self if things get out of alignment.

Featuring:  with Darren Pleasance (‘95) SVP of Global Strategy at Cisco


Chasing your dream job

Getting your dream job is at the core of the business school experience. In this episode we explore what it’s actually like once you achieve your dream and the risks that you have to accept along the path.

Featuring:  with Rosie O’Neill ('05)  Co-founder of Sugarfina


MBAs and startups

Is an MBA helpful in starting a business or going to work for a startup? Hear from the co-founder of the disruptive flower company The Bouqs on what disruption really means. Also, the tactics a current student uses to get an internship and a job.

Featuring:  with John Tabis ('06)  Co-founder & CEO of The Bouqs


The Business School Experience

On episode 1, learn about why people come to business school – the actual reasons that drive people to make the investment. Also, what it’s like once you’re here. The paths you can take and an exercise to discover your authentic-self.