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How The World Works with Warren Olney
Warren Olney and key Anderson faculty members uncover some of the most fascinating aspects of business and how we work
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Latest Episodes

The AI Revolution Is Making Waves, But Is it Making Money?

Featuring:  Gregor Schubert, Assistant Professor of Finance
Gregor Schubert shows how new the generative AI tools are a boon to the major companies that use them


Our Research Puts You in Touch With Your Future Self

Featuring: Hal Hershfield, Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making, Marketing Area Chair
Professor Hal Hershfield knows how the "today you" can make the "tomorrow you" happy


The Fed Bought Up Corporate Bonds in the Last Recession. A Brazen Precedent?

Featuring: Tyler Muir, Associate Professor of Finance
Tyler Muir explains how the Fed created an expectation


For the Most Advanced Societies and Economies in History, Violence Was Pivotal

Featuring: Romain Wacziarg, Professor of Economics, Hans Hufschmid Chair in Management
Romain Wacziarg found that agriculture was foundational to development, but cavalry was an accelerator


You May Be Experiencing Time Poverty, A Root Cause of Unhappiness

Featuring: Cassie Mogilner Holmes, Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making at the UCLA Anderson School of Management
Cassie Holmes’ research and book reveal the methods to control your happiness


Looking at Reviews on Amazon Before Buying? Beware

Featuring: Brett Hollenbeck, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Sherry He, Marketing Ph.D. Student
Brett Hollenbeck and Sherry He’s research is an exposé on the pervasiveness of fake reviews


A Looming Crisis Created by the U.S. Congress

Featuring: Stavros Panageas, Robert D. Beyer ’83 Term Chair in Management; Professor of Finance
Stavros Panageas shows us how the national debt could lead to a dangerous economic event


Workers Vs. Algorithms

Featuring: Felipe Caro, Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management
It doesn't have to be this way, Felipe Caro explains. Both just need to be understood


Here’s Why Conspiracy Theories Work So Darn Well

Featuring: Jennifer Whitson, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Jennifer Whitson discovered that believers feel they are losing control, so bad information can feel elegant and validating


UCLA Has a Department for Predicting the Future

Featuring:  Jerry Nickelsburg , Faculty Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast; Adjunct Professor of Economics
For 70 Years, the UCLA Anderson Forecast has predicted the future of the economy. Jerry Nickelsburg tells us what's in store.


What If We Could Measure How Good A Corporation Is for Society?

Featuring: Magali Delmas, Professor of Management; Faculty Director, Center for Impact
Magali Delmas’ new transparency study shows change is possible when companies truthfully report ESG metrics


In a Nation of Increasing Extreme Behavior, a Case for Moderation

Featuring: Aimee Drolet Rossi, Professor of Marketing; Marion Anderson Chair in Management
Aimee Drolet Rossi's discoveries indicate great potential for change


Buying a Car Since the Pandemic? It’s a Changed Market

Featuring:  Mark J. Garmaise, Professor of Finance
Mark Garmaise looked to Japan’s post-tsunami used car market to illuminate the current one


Marketers Connect Better With Consumers Using Headphones

Featuring:  Alicea Lieberman, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Alicea Lieberman found that people feel the material more than content through speakers


The Science of Sustainability Is Not Yet Sustainable

Featuring:  Charles Corbett, Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management, IBM Chair in Management
We identify bad environmental practices well, but aren’t creating great outcomes, Charles Corbett explains


Debunking One of the Most Famous Psychology Experiments Ever

Featuring: Daniel J. Benjamin, Professor of Behavioral Economics and Genoeconomics

Economist Dan Benjamin thoroughly shakes down the classic marshmallow test


Why a Nationwide $15 Minimum Wage Is Wrongheaded

Featuring: Edward Leamer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Global Economics and Management Director Emeritus, UCLA Anderson Forecast

Economist Ed Leamer pulls no punches looking at our societal issues


The Forecast Since the Biden Stimulus

Featuring: Leo Feler, Senior Economist, UCLA Anderson Forecast

Economist Leo Feler weighs consumer behavior, universal basic income


What People of Asian Descent in America Face Now

Featuring: Margaret Shih, Associate Vice Chancellor, BruinX, UCLA Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Neil Jacoby Chair in Management; Professor of Management and Organizations

Vice Chancellor Margaret Shih explains the cultural and workplace conflicts.


The Way the FDA Approves Vaccines Should Be Different Now

Featuring: Fernanda Bravo, Assistant Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

As Fernanda Bravo tells Warren Olney, it should be risk versus reward.


Women Consider Jobs Differently, and Employers Know It

Featuring: Melanie Wasserman, Assistant Professor of Economics

Warren Olney navigates hours, work/life balance and pay with Melanie Wasserman.


Many Fine Wine Labels Are Hiding That They’re Organic

Featuring: Magali Delmas, Professor of Management; Faculty Director, Center for Impact

Magali Delmas found the quality is higher but eco-labeling would leave a sour note.


This Behavioral Scientist Studied Chinese Factories and Found Surprising Keys to Productivity

Featuring: Sherry Wu, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

What motivates employees extends into the U.S. as well, according to Sherry Wu.

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