Healthcare mission

Even before the emergence of COVID-19, healthcare was one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, if not the world. Now, with an even more critical focus, UCLA Anderson has expanded its healthcare-related research and course offerings to meet the needs of this rapidly-changing area, in addition to our usual variety of healthcare programs and events. Explore all of our healthcare offerings below.

Healthcare Pricing and Financing


“Financial Margins for Prostate Cancer Surgery: Quantifying the Impact of Modifiable Cost Inputs in an Episode-Based Reimbursement Model”, Fernanda Bravo, et al

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“Bargaining and International Reference Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, Ashvin Gandhi, et al

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“Pharmaceutical Regulation and Off-Label Uses”, Jennifer Kao

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“The Impact of Healthcare Financing on Research Outcome: Evidence from Academic Medical Centers”, Jennifer Kao, et al

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Healthcare Research in the UCLA Anderson Review


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