Values-based decision making is a thread that runs across our entire MBA curriculum. Through immersive courses in sustainability, equity and social impact, UCLA Anderson prepares students to address society’s most pressing challenges and graduate with a clear understanding of how positive social impact can be achieved across all sectors, industries and functions of the working world.

MGMT295F: Social Entrepreneurship - Business Models for Social Impact


MGMT298D: ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) & Sustainability Reporting

MGMT298E: Energy, Climate Change and Finance

MGMT 298-23: Advanced Business Strategy: Managing the Non-Market Environment

MGMT298D: Technology and Society: A Dynamic Relationship and The Changing Role of Leaders

MGMT225: Law and Management of Nonprofits

MGMT298E: Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

MGMT271A: Medtech Innovation I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Medical Technology

MGMT275: Current Topics in Emerging Technologies: Health Care Technology

MGMT252: Persuasion and Influence

MGMT246A: Business Sustainability and the Environment


MGMT298E: Accounting, Finance and ESG

MGMT296: Social Impact Consulting

MGMT298: Impact Investing I and II

MGMT298E: Affordable Housing Development

MGMT415: Foundations of Ethical Decision Making

MGMT440: Advanced Business Strategy: Managing the Non-Market Environment

MGMT293: Ethical Considerations in Business

MGMT421B: Choice Architecture: How to Nudge Others to Make Better Decisions

MGMT254: Incentives and Motivations in Organizations

MGMT250D: Patterns of Problem Solving

Climate Change and Finance Guest Speaker: Meyer Luskin