DOTM Foundation Courses

DOTM is responsible for two core courses in the MBA and Fully Employed MBA programs.
MGMT 260A: Customer Assessment and Analytics
MGMT 402: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Decision Making (core course)
MGMT 407: Managerial Model Building
MGMT 410: Operations Technology Management (core course)
Management 402 Sequels
MGMT 213B: Statistical Methods in Management
Management 410 Sequels
MGMT 240F: Supply Chain Management
MGMT 240G: Global Operations Strategy
MGMT 241A: Technology Management
Management 407 Sequels
MGMT 212A: Decision Sciences Models I
MGMT 212B: Decision Sciences Models II

DOTM Specialized Courses

DOTM offers as many as a dozen electives per year designed specifically to serve the major segments of the MBA job market, and about half a dozen Ph.D. level courses.

MGMT 217A: Decision Analysis

Requisite: 402
Managerial decision-making occurs in the presence of uncertainty, which can be about events over which no individual has any control or about what other individuals will do. A framework is provided for structuring and analyzing such decisions, with applications to such scenarios as product development, litigation, the business of treasure-hunting and bidding.

MGMT 240E: Managing Entrepreneurial Operations

Requisite: 410
Designed for second-year graduate students. Exploration of operating issues involved in managing entrepreneurial enterprises. Integrative course, building on methodologies, principles and concepts provided in requisite functional and strategic core courses. Extensive readings and case studies develop skills and a philosophical basis for applying managerial concepts to entrepreneurial operations.

MGMT 245: Special Topics in Decisions, Operations and Technology Management

Studies of advanced subjects of current interest in DOTM. Emphasis on recent developments and application of specialized knowledge to operational problems. Topics vary each term and have recently included: Strategy for Information Intensive Industries, Empirical Research in Operations Management, Analytical Methods of Operation Research, Introduction to Management in the Information Economy and Models for Medical Management. May be repeated for credit with topic change. Each section is designed either for MBA or Ph.D. students.

MGMT 298D-05: Tools & Analysis for Business

MGMT 298D-08: Judgment and Decision Making

MGMT 298D-10: Technology Analytics

DOTM Executive MBA Courses

DOTM is responsible for three core courses in the Executive MBA program. If you are interested in the EMBA program, please visit their website.

MGMT 463: Data Analysis and Management Decisions under Uncertainty

Survey of statistical model building, with emphasis on managerial interpretation of statistical model building and of statistical summaries of data. Classical statistics covered through multiple regression to support courses in finance and marketing that follow. Fundamental approaches to decision making under uncertainty.

MGMT 465: Quantitative Methods for Managers

Survey of modeling approaches to managerial planning and decisions. Emphasis on ability to recognize situations where models can be used advantageously, to work effectively with model building specialists and to make good use of models once they have been developed.

MGMT 474: Operations and Technology Management: Systems, Strategies, and Policies

Analysis of strategic and operating policies and decisions for systems that produce goods and services. Examination of the role of comprehensive planning, inventories, scheduling of resources, distribution systems and system location. Comprehensive operating problems.