Requirements & Schedule

Our requirements, fees and scheduling are designed to minimize your investment but maximize your outcome.


Company Commitment


Company Selection Criteria

  • Company employs at least six employees (not including board members), company has an operating history of at least one year and is fully funded for the duration of the AMR project
  • At least one dedicated project manager who will work with the team approximately two hours per week
  • An alternate liaison in case the primary liaison becomes unavailable during the course of the project
  • Top management participation in the company Launch and Final Presentations
  • Full access to relevant strategic and financial data, which will be protected under the confidentiality agreement

Participation Fees

  • Large Companies (international)- $20,000 
  • Large Companies (domestic)- $17,500 
  • Small-to-Medium Enterprises- $15,000 
  • Domestic Non-Profits- $7,500 
  • International Non-Profits- $5,000 

60 % of the program fee is allocated to the team's research budget

Program Schedule

2023-2024 Dates
Application Deadline
July 31, 2023
Company Launch
October 13, 2023
Final Presentation
March 8, 2024

Application Deadlines

If you are interested in submitting your organization as a potential AMR client, with an idea for one or several projects, please complete the application so that we can learn more about you. We will contact you promptly to discuss your submission further. You may also contact the AMR staff directly with any questions you may have.

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