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MBA Specialization in Social Impact

For UCLA Anderson MBA students

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Leaders in Sustainability Certificate

For UCLA and UCLA Anderson graduate students

Social Impact Specialization

The Social Impact Specialization prepares UCLA Anderson MBA students for the changing landscape of business, one that demands more transparency and social responsibility from companies and fosters innovation for social impact. The Specialization enables students to build in-depth expertise in a chosen career path, while customizing academic preparation to lead transformational social change in any sector. The Social Impact Specialization offers students a guided curriculum to develop common language and a consistent understanding of impact.
To receive the social impact specialization, students must complete 16 units. Students are required to take at least one foundational course denoted with an asterisk below. For the remaining 12 units, students can choose a combination of social impact elective courses, a social impact capstone project, independent studies and/or a graduate level course outside of Anderson.

MGMT246A: Business Sustainability and the Environment* (4 units)

MGMT295F: Social Entrepreneurship - Business Models for Social Impact* (4 units)

MGMT258A: Global Immersion: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in South Africa (4 units)

MGMTEX 421:  International Business Residential (IBR): Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Rwanda (4 units)

MGMT298E: ESG & Sustainability Reporting (4 units)

MGMT250D-23: ESG for Managers and Investors (4 units)

MGMT296: Social Impact Consulting (2 units)

MGMT298H: Impact Investing I & II (2 separate classes/4 units total)

MGMT298E: Energy, Climate Change and Finance (4 units)

MGMT 298: Advanced Business Strategy: Managing the Non-Market Environment (4 units)

MGMT 298D-05: Technology and Business Challenges in Cleantech Entrepreneurship (4 units)

MGMT298E: Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (2 units)

MGMT225: Law & Management of Nonprofits (4 units)

MGMT298E: Affordable Housing Development (2 units)

MGMT298D: Technology & Society: A Dynamic Relationship and The Changing Role of Leaders (4 units)

MGMT415: Foundations of Ethical Decision Making (2 units)

MGMT440: Advanced Business Strategy: Managing the Non-Market Environment

MGMT271A: Medtech Innovation I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Medical Technology (4 units)

MGMT250D-06: Corporate Governance (4 units)

MGMT293: Ethical Considerations in Business (4 units)

MGMT275: Current Topics in Emerging Technologies: Health Care Technology (2 units)

MGMT421B: Choice Architecture: How to Nudge Others to Make Better Decisions (2 units)

MGMT254: Incentives and Motivations in Organizations (4 units)

MGMT252: Persuasion and Influence (4 units)

MGMT250D: Patterns of Problem Solving (4 units)

AMR, GAP, SMR Field Study Capstone Project (10 units)

Business Creation Option Capstone Project (10 units)

Independent Study (2 units)

Leaders in Sustainability Course

UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability Courses

UCLA School of Education and Information Studies Courses

UCLA School of Law Courses

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Courses (Public Policy, Social Welfare, Urban Planning)

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Courses

UCLA Leaders in Sustainability Certificate

The Leaders in Sustainability (LIS) Graduate Certificate Program, managed by the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (UCLA IoES), provides UCLA graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance sustainability in their fields through leadership development and multidisciplinary education that integrates principles of economic health, environmental quality, and social equity. LIS is a cross-disciplinary program at UCLA that aims to provide a mechanism for graduate students at UCLA to pursue their interests in sustainability and collaborate with students across campus. Students can tailor the certificate program to best further their interests in sustainability and enhance their educational and career trajectories through collaboration and knowledge sharing with students, faculty, and professionals from different fields.
To obtain the Leaders in Sustainability Certificate, students must complete 16 units of coursework. Students are required to take Environment 277 (4 units). Four of the remaining 12 units must be fulfilled with a course outside of their home department or school. In addition, all certificate candidates must complete a self-initiated leadership project and participate in LIS program events. Students can apply for the program here.

REQUIRED: Leadership Project

REQUIRED: Leaders in Sustainability Course: ENVIRON 277 (4 units)

REQUIRED: Three Sustainability-Related UCLA Graduate Courses (12 units)



Do I have to apply for the Social Impact Specialization or the Leaders in Sustainability Certificate?

Can I pursue both the Social Impact Specialization and the Leaders in Sustainability Certificate? If so, can the same course fulfill requirements for both the Social Impact Specialization and LIS Certificate?

I’m a second-year MBA student. Can I still complete the specialization or certificate?

Is the specialization open to students in the Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) or Executive MBA (EMBA) programs?

Can I take more than one foundational course (in bold text above)?

Can my capstone project (i.e. AMR, GAP, SMR or BCO) be applied to the social impact specialization?

I have more questions and would like to speak with a representative. Who should I contact?