To Our Military Veteran Community


For the discipline you demonstrate.

For the ethics you embody.

For your leadership. For your teamwork.

For your sacrifices. For your service.

For the impact you make at UCLA Anderson.

We thank you.

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Our Stories


Changing of the Guard

Juggling business school and weekends in the California Army National Guard, Rhian Rogan (’20) considers a career in academe

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Many Ways to Lead

U.S. Navy Veteran Alice Hong (’22) broadens her skills as a fully employed MBA and consultant

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Flipping the Switch

Evan Milnor ('17) knows from experience that veterans face a unique set of challenges transitioning to the civilian workforce

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Self-Mastery in Leadership Means Giving and Understanding

2018 John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Ryan Tan (UCLA-NUS EMBA ’19)

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Going Where Leaders Are Needed Most

John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow Gerry Sims (’19)

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In Diversity, a Unified Force

With one childhood ambition accomplished, U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Diana Perez (’20) is on a mission to fulfill the next one

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EBV trains veterans for a new kind of challenge.

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) consortium offers cutting-edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines disabled as a result of their service to operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.



From Service to Students


UCLA Anderson is proud to count among its student body more than 100 active military and veterans, who bring a sense of mission, organization and commitment to their education — and to the business world after graduation. Here are just a few of our students and their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Alice Hong (FEMBA ’22)

Alice Hong (FEMBA ’22)

U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, 7 years of service

Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association, FEMBAssadors

Professional & Career Interests: Management Consulting

Michael Oram (FEMBA ’22)

U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, 6 years of service

Clubs & Associations: Sports Business Association, Out@Anderson

Professional & Career Interests: Management Consulting, Sports Analytics 

G. Todd Bessinger, M.D., Ph.D. (EMBA ’21)

Todd Bessinger, M.D., Ph.D. (EMBA ’21)

U.S. Army, Major, 15 years of service

Professional & Career Interests: Dermatology, Tropical Medicine

Peterson Dela Cruz (MBA '21)

United States Air Force (2010-2018), Captain, Civil Engineer Officer
Clubs & Associations: Anderson Real Estate Association, Net Impact, Anderson Tech Business Association
Professional & Career Interests: Sustainability, Technology, Real Estate, Management Consulting

Jeff Gum (FEMBA ’21)

Jeff Gum (FEMBA ’21)

U.S. Navy SEAL, Team Five, SO1/E6, 10 years of service

Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association (Director of FEMBA), Entrepreneurs Association

Professional and Career Interests: Founder, Sunga Life; Public Speaker

Fernando Hernani (EMBA ’21)

Fernando Hernani (EMBA ’21)

U.S. Navy, Chief Navy Diver (E-7), 20 years of service (retired September 2019)

Clubs&Associations: Anderson Veterans Association, Anderson Latino Management AssociationProfessional & Career Interests: Continue work in training and development in the civilian sector, preferably in the tech industry

Kevin Holland (FEMBA ’21)

Kevin Holland (FEMBA ’21)

U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, 2012–present

Professional & Career Interests: Management Consulting, Social Impact

Cody Larsen (MBA '21)

US Air Force, 4 years, Captain
Clubs & Associations: Investment Finance Association, Anderson Real Estate Association, Anderson Veterans Association, Anderson Christian Fellowship
Professional & Career Interests: Investment Banking

Paul G. Lee (EMBA ’21)

Paul G. Lee (EMBA ’21)

U.S. Marine Corps, Staff Sergeant (Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Specialist), 2001–2005, 2009–2013

Club & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association

Professional & Career Interests: Finance, Investment Management

Lewis Martin (EMBA ’21)

Lewis Martin (EMBA ’21)

U.S. Marine Corps, Captain, 8 years of service

Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association

Professional & Career Interests: Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Private Equity

Jake Murphy (MBA ’21)

Jake Murphy (MBA ’21)

U.S. Marine Corps, Captain, 5 years of service

Clubs & Associations: Investment Finance Association, Entrepreneur Association, Energy Management Group, Board Fellow, Riordan Mentor, Junior Achievement Instructor

Professional & Career Interests: Leverage Anderson education and operations experience as a military and civilian engineering manager; identify and cultivate value in companies through finance and investment; eventually transition into corporate leadership, building companies that make life better for the average person

Quentin Yip (MBA ’21)

Quentin Yip (MBA ’21)

U.S. Air Force, Captain, 2010–16

Clubs & Associations: Management Consulting Association, AnderTech, Anderson Veterans Association, Basketball, Soccer, Outdoor Adventure Club, Asian Management Student Association

Professional & Career Interests: Strategy Consulting

Matthew Alva (EMBA '20)

United States Air Force, 7 years of service, Captain
Clubs & Associations: Real Estate Association
Professional & Career Interests: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Real Estate

John Alspach (MBA '20)

United States Marine Corps, 11 years of service, Major
Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association
Professional & Career Interests: Continuing my military career in aviation and exploring all civilian career options

Pat Burel (FEMBA ’20)

Pat Burel (FEMBA ’20)

U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, 9 years of service

Clubs & Associations: FEMBA Council (Social Chair)

Professional & Career Interests: Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Robert Busalacchi (FEMBA '20)

U.S. Marine Corps, (2010-18), Captain, Assault Amphibian Officer
Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association, Anderson Wine Club, Investment Finance Association, Entertainment Management Association
Professional & Career Interests: Finance, Investment Banking

Tommy Changaris (’20)

Tommy Changaris (’20)

U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, 2013–17

Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veterans Association (VP of Admissions), Admissions Ambassador Corps (VP of Yield and Special Projects), Marketing Association (VP of Recruiter Relations), AnderTech (IPT Coach)

Professional & Career Interests: Marketing role in a small or medium-sized tech company in Los Angeles

Brendon Gehrke (MBA '20)

U.S. Marine Corps, 2004-present, NCO
Clubs & Associations: Admissions Representative
Professional & Career Interests: Entrepreneurship, Marketing Research

Schafer Newman (FEMBA '20)

Navy, 7 years of service (still serving on active-duty), Lieutenant
Clubs & Associations: Management Consulting Association, Anderson Veterans Association, OUT@Anderson
Professional & Career Interests: Separating from the Navy in May after 7 years of service for a management consulting internship.

Rhian Rogan (MBA '20)

California Army National Guard, 3 years of service and at least 3 years to go, 2LT
Clubs & Associations: AnderTech, BBSA, MCA, OAC, WBC
Professional & Career Interests:Currently recruiting for Strategy Consulting

Mike Wright (FEMBA '20)

U.S. Army, 2012-2017, Captain
Clubs & Associations: Anderson Veteran Association, Healthcare Business Association
Professional & Career Interests: Healthcare Administration


In Their Words

Listen To Their Conversation

Juan Rose (EMBA ’13) and Derek Herrera (EMBA ’15) met at the United States Naval Academy, and both went into the U.S. Marine Corps. They’ve stayed in close touch ever since. Juan pursued his MBA while in the military and Derek, after being rendered paraplegic in Afghanistan, followed Juan’s advice and came to Anderson as well. They both were John Wooden Global Leadership Fellows, and both now lead successful civilian careers — Juan at CBRE Los Angeles, and Derek as the founder of Spinal Singularity, maker of the first connected catheter.


Five Questions With


Andrew Chan (B.S. ’05, ’13)

Manager, Deloitte Digital
Major, U.S. Army

Read the Answers

Evan Milnor ('17)

Co-Founder & COO, Office Bites
Captain, U.S. Marine Corps

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Bo Cross ('16)

Operations Manager, Lyft
Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Navy

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Financial Aid for Military


UCLA Anderson has options for you.

Post-9/11 GI Bill® & Yellow Ribbon Program

Mandatory student charges will be covered up to your eligibility percentage.

Application Fee Waivers

Application Fee waivers are available for all U.S. military applicants. To request a fee waiver for the full-time MBA, please reach out directly to MBA Admissions. To request a fee waiver for the Full-Employed MBA, reach out directly to FEMBA Admissions. To request a fee waiver for the Executive MBA or UCLA-NUS Executive MBA, reach out directly to EMBA Admissions.


Even if you are not eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill® Yellow Ribbon Program, all full-time MBA students are automatically considered for fellowships. No separate application is needed.


Connect With Us


Admissions and Financial Aid Offices

Full-Time MBA

Phone: (310) 825-6944  

Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA)

Phone: (310) 825-2632  

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Phone: (310) 825-2632  

UCLA Veterans Resource Office

Emily Ives

Program Director
Phone: (310) 206-3819 

Connect with a Student

Anderson Veterans Association

We encourage you to reach out directly to members of the Anderson Veterans Association (AVA) board, including the VP of Admissions AVA club website.


Connect with an MBA Student

Fill out a short inquiry form on our full-time MBA's Connect with a Student web page: In the "question" field, indicate your interest to connect with a military veteran in our student-led Admissions Ambassador Corps.

UCLA Registrar’s Office

Ryan Redding

Veteran Student Affairs Officer
Phone: (310) 825-5391

"Success is peace of mind that is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming." — Coach John Wooden

“As a transitioning veteran, this quote helps remind me that hard work is done for self-satisfaction and rewarded by peace of mind. At the end of each day, I find comfort in knowing that if I dedicate 100 percent of myself to personal and professional growth, achievement is merely a side benefit.”

Captain Luke Goessman (EMBA ’18), U.S. Marine Corps


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UCLA Veterans Facebook Group

Facebook page maintained by the Veterans Resources Center, where you can find out about events and important resources for Vets @UCLA

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Latin Heritage Anderson Afternoon

UCLA Veterans Resource Office

UCLA has been serving veterans for nearly 70 years! Whether through on- or off-campus support for student veterans, UCLA serves those who serve in myriad ways.

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