Field Study Research Support: AMR/BCO/GAP/SMR/UCLA-NUS EMBA

Field Study Research Support: AMR/BCO/GAP/SMR/UCLA-NUS EMBA


The Rosenfeld business research librarians meet with Anderson field study teams (AMR/GAP/SMR/UCLA-NUS EMBA) throughout the year to assist in identifying information sources and research strategies to support your team's unique project needs. Your relationship with our Business Research Team can save you time in data gathering, allowing you to be better prepared for analysis and decision-making when you utilize the Team Research Consultation.  

Programs in which Rosenfeld business research librarians are embedded:

Field study teams may schedule your Team Research Consultation to enable your team to connect with a business research librarian, who will identify key sources and develop potential project research strategies. All course resources and consultation sign-ups are linked from your course CCLE site. The librarians offer an on-going relationship to support the team project to its completion, and all team members are requested to attend the initial team consultation. 

On-site teams can sign up for Rosenfeld Library team spaces to work on your project:   Anderson Room Scheduling

And, there are other ways to teamwith a Rosenfeld business research librarian following your consultation.

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