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Student Charges and Fees
Payment Amount
Non-Refundable Application Fee: $200
Non-Refundable Admission Enrollment Deposit:
(Counts towards the first installment in year 1)
Total EMBA Program Fees for 2021-2022  $85,676*

*Fees are subject to change on an annual basis. For reference, the estimated two-year program fee total for the  2021-2is $171,352.

Student charges are paid at the beginning of each academic year or over installments.

Year One Installment: August, December, and March
Year Two Installment: June,  September, December, and March

Items Covered by the Program Fees

Executive MBA fees cover registration, student charges, books, software supplies, meals, and housing for on/off-campus residential. Partners and family members may accompany participants on the International Seminar and International Travel Study programs at their own expense. All university and Executive MBA program policies and fees are subject to change each year. Please note that student charges and education fees are subject to change at any time. The Executive MBA program academic fee is mandatory for each student, and no category or component is optional, regardless of the student’s participation.

Additional Expenses

Students are responsible for all fees and/or fines assessed by the University or the Executive MBA program (The following expenses that are not included in the Executive MBA program fee):

  1. Students are responsible for obtaining a laptop that meets Anderson’s required specifications.
  2. Students are responsible for purchasing UCLA campus parking permits (UCLA Anderson staff will facilitate the parking permit purchase).
  3. The EMBA program offers optional programs or courses (e.g., international studies and exchange opportunities) that will require students to incur additional expenses. These fees are non-reimbursable.
  4. Executive MBA students are responsible for airfare and all travel costs incurred in conjunction with attending classes at UCLA Anderson (lodging is provided only for residential class weekends), participating in the required International Seminar, and travel expenses outside the budget for the Strategic Management Research (SMR) project. Some travel and other expenses related to the SMR project may be reimbursable, but there may be additional costs for completing this required component of the program.
  5. Students are responsible for all course materials beyond the 68-unit program requirement.

UCLA Anderson makes every effort to disclose Executive MBA program financial information for prospective students fully. Because the program offers new educational opportunities on a quarterly and annual basis, we cannot provide a complete list of costs/expenses not covered by the registration fees. Explore our loan options to cover expenses beyond academic fees.