Company Information

Company Information


The Internet offers many sources of free company information. Things to remember:

  • Make sure you can trust the source (see Evaluating Web Resources).
  • Check that the information is current (check date; use View/Page Info or File/Properties).
  • Have a research strategy or plan (determine the steps to take & have a "shopping list").

A research strategy is important, so that you do not waste time collecting the same or similar information from many sources, while still missing some information that you really need.

Information Provided by the Company

The Company Web Site

  • Sometimes, it's simple - just type the company name in the location or address box. For example: nike.
  • Or check for company Web sites using online directories. Ex: ThomasNet.

Go Beyond the Marketing Glitz. Look for Links to:

Read Company's Reports to the Securities & Exchange Commission

  • EDGAR database has company reports which contain financial data and company plans.

Click: Search Companies and Filings. Then type company name in Company name box. Ex: nike.
Click: Find Companies. (If a list of several companies appears, select your company from this results list).
Click on latest 10-K. Use Edit/Find in Page to find specific information in the report. Ex: balance sheet.

External to the Company

Company Profiles

Company News

  • MarketWatch. Type company name or ticker in top box. Then click News on menu bar. Ex: NKE for Nike (Ticker look-up is available).
  • CNN Business. Type company name or ticker in top box. Then click News on menu bar. Ex: Nike.

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