Enrolling in Classes

Enrolling in Classes

We encourage students at UCLA to explore accounting fundamentals and gain the knowledge that will help them in future endeavors.


Students can enroll in our courses during their assigned enrollment appointments. The Registrar's Office will let students know when their assigned appointments begin. You can expect to have this information by Week 4 of the quarter.
  • First Enrollment Pass:
    During first pass, students may enroll in no more than 10 units. This is to give students a better chance to obtain at least 2 courses needed toward graduation. Students who do not enroll during their first pass must wait until their second pass appointment to enroll.

    Only students in the Business Economics major, Mathemetics/Applied Science major, and Accounting minor can enroll in courses numbered: Management 108-142C during first pass.

  • Second Enrollment Pass:
    During second pass, students can add courses up to the maximum units allowed by their College or school-study list limit. Once second pass enrollment opens, students can enroll from the beginning of their assigned time through 11:59pm on Friday of second week of classes.

    Any junior/senior can enroll in courses numbered: Management 108-142C during second pass.

Common Enrollment Issues

Are you having trouble signing up for management courses?

Please check that you meet all requirements when enrolling in management courses. If you are a Junior/Senior but are not a Business Economics major, Mathematics/Applied Science major, or an Accounting minor then you will have to wait until your second pass to enroll.

Did you transfer in the equivalent of MGMT 1B from another institution and cannot enroll in an upper division course?

Several students cannot enroll in some management classes due to the enrollment system not recognizing equivalent prerequisite classes previously taken at other institutions (notably MGMT 1A & 1B). Enrollment in the following management classes may be affected:

MGMT 120A, MGMT 122, MGMT 127A, MGMT 127B, MGMT 130A

If you encounter this error then follow the steps below: If you have not enrolled in a MGMT 1B course and are interested in taking the course at another institution:

  • Look at the Transferology website and see if the course is equivalent to MGMT 1B offered by UCLA. If the course is equivalent to MGMT 1B offered at UCLA, you can enroll in the class.
  • After you coplete the course, you must have the school send an official transcript indicating your grade in the course to the Registrar's Office.
  • You may contact the Registrar's Office through myUCLA Message Center and select transferring credit processing as the topic if you have any questions.

Are you interested in taking Management courses but do not meet any of the restrictions?

Please contact the faculty member of the course you are interested in to see if you can obtain a Permission to Enroll FORM (PTE) number. You can either email the faculty member or attend the first lecture.