When do the students form teams?

Students form teams during the spring of their first year. We encourage students to build well-rounded teams with varied backgrounds and areas of expertise. Teams comprise five (5) full-time MBA students.


How are teams matched with projects?

All of the project descriptions (submitted by the company) are shared with the students in late July. Teams then indicate their top choices from the list and submit “pitch paragraphs” for their top five choices. The AMR directors carefully review the teams’ preferences, skill sets and backgrounds to determine the best team for each project.


Does UCLA Anderson have any research centers?

No problem at all! We work with companies and organizations all over the world. The program fee paid by each client provides the team’s budget for their research expenses (conferences, travel, focus group incentives, survey responses).


Is the team's research budget a separate fee paid by the client?

Nope! The team’s research and travel budget is built in to the program fee paid by the client. The budget amount is dependent upon the fee category/size of the company and scope of the project. Any additional funding beyond the designated amount (see Participation Fees) will be covered by the client.


Are projects limited to certain types of companies or designated industries?

Our projects vary each year and are focused on a wide variety of industries and functional areas. From food and beverage to health care to real estate, our roster of clients and project industries changes each year.


Can I pick my student team?

If you have a connection to our students or have worked with them in an internship capacity, please let us know. The teams are ultimately responsible for selecting the projects they are interested in, but we can accommodate team requests if there is mutual interest.


How are the faculty advisors assigned to projects?

Once the teams select their projects, our faculty advisors review the project descriptions and indicate the projects they feel most suited to advising, based on their background and expertise. The roster of dedicated AMR faculty advisors is determined by the AMR administration, but students often collaborate with many UCLA Anderson faculty over the course of their projects.


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