MBA Core Course

411 Marketing Management

MBA Elective Courses

260A Customer Assessment and Analytics
260B Marketing Strategy and Planning
261A Sales and Channel Management
261B Global Marketing Management
262 Price Policies
263A Consumer Behavior
265 Brand Management
266A New Product Development
266B Advertising and Marketing
267 Digital One-to-One Marketing
298D Web Marketing & Analytics
298D R Data Analysis

MSBA Elective Courses

MGMTMSA 401 R Programming Essentials (2 units)
MGMTMSA 406 Prescriptive Models and Data Analytics (4 units)
MGMTMSA 404 Business Fundamentals for Analytics
MGMTMSA 410 Customer Analytics (4 units)

EMBA Courses


472A Marketing Strategy and Policy

Strategic marketing decisions, including development of marketing objectives and strategies and implementation of these strategies through pricing, channel, promotion, and new product decisions.

478 Digital Marketing

478 Brand Management

478 Customer Assessment

MEMES Electives

UCLA Anderson is the only top-tier MBA program to offer a specialization in Entertainment Management. To receive the specialization, students must take the two foundation classes: Entertainment Marketing and Entertainment Business Models. In addition to these, students wishing to earn the specialization have to take at least two additional electives.

298D Entertainment Marketing

298D Entertainment Business Model

273-1 Innovations in Sports Marketing

Examination in depth of current issues in entertainment, media, and sports. Topics vary.

273-2 Entertainment Finance (2 units)

273-3 The Music Industry (2 units)

273 Examining the Video Game Industry

298D Making Creativity Profitable

298D Digital Marketing Strategy

298D Digital Business

298D Agony and Ecstasy - Sports Entertainment

298D Sports Marketing Management

298D Managing Disruptive Technologies and Business Models

298D Sports Management

298D Intellectual Property: Law and Strategy

298D Entertainment Law

298D Entertainment Strategy

298D Content Creation in the Digital Age