European Business Association (EBA)

The European Business Association (EBA) is an identity club for all Anderson students who would like to explore, understand and celebrate Europe’s rich heritage, cultures and traditions through an unparalleled offering of social events. The EBA acts as a bridge between continents by providing all the necessary networking tools to any Anderson student interested in exploring professional opportunities in the most exciting cities on the old continent. Enrich culturally, empower professionally.



European Trip Spring Break
EBA Trek to Europe open to all EBA members.

Dinner at Eataly
Enjoy Italian cuisine at Eataly in Century City.

Pub Crawl on Santa Monica Boulevard
We will have a crazy evening on Santa Monica Boulevard between Sawtelle and the beach. We plan to stop at six bars and pubs. Drinks will be paid for by the club for anyone who can finish the tour.

We’ll watch the Eurovision finale live at a European pub in downtown Los Angeles.

Fondue Night
Cheese fondue night using French and Swiss cheese, with an assortment of wines from the Alps.

French Crepes
A crepe party where people will learn how to cook crepes with a special recipe

Cross-Club Events:
International Film Festival (in conjunction with the EMA)
International Food Festival (in conjunction with the IBA)
Champion’s League Final (in conjunction with the Anderson Soccer Club)

Connect with Us

For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.