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Studying What Drives Decisions and Behaviors
The Behavioral Decision Making area at UCLA Anderson was founded in 2003 as an interdisciplinary research group and in 2016 became a formal academic area. Our members investigate many facets of human judgment and decision making behavior, broadly construed. Collectively, we have expertise in behavioral economics, cognitive and social psychology, marketing, organizational behavior, behavioral finance, behavioral strategy and public policy, among other disciplines. Most of our members have joint appointments in other academic areas of UCLA Anderson.

We offer a number of MBA, Ph.D. and executive courses on topics such as managerial decision making, negotiation, choice architecture and behavioral economics, among others. We host a formal colloquium series several times per quarter during the academic year and brownbag research discussions weekly throughout the calendar year. In addition we offer an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Behavioral Decision Research that provides students with broad training and flexibility to enter a number of possible job markets.
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Our Behavioral Decision Making area faculty conduct research on a number of different topics important to the Behavioral Decision Making profession. Below are a few examples of our recent work.
Behavioral Decision Making

Behavioral Economics: Are Nudges Cost-Effective?

A team of experts makes the financial case that governments should spend more on nudging

Behavioral Decision Making

In Adversity, Some High Performers Give Up Rather than Dig In

The world of tennis sheds light on a potential downside to office ranking systems


Sensitivity to Debt Type Predicts Financial Health

Research reveals that those wary of payday loans tend to manage their finances better