Community members receive appropriate support to ensure equal access to all privileges, assured of procedural fairness across protected identity groups. We account for inequities.


Community members expose one another to the fullest possible variety of human identities, experiences, values, and worldviews. We openly engage with our differences.


Community members engage one another as full participants in school activities, communicating mutual respect, consideration, and appreciation.

Not only Do You Belong Here, You ECHO

At UCLA Anderson, we’re proud to have an equitable, diverse and inclusive community that offers the best climate for business education. We welcome students, staff and faculty from every background and recognize that inclusion cannot just be valued; it must be practiced. Our students do not merely learn alongside one another — we cultivate communication skills (like our ECHO approach) to help them learn from one another. The result is that Anderson graduates emerge with the agility and adaptability to connect across all backgrounds, preparing them for global leadership.

The 2022 Summer Institute For Emerging Managers and Leaders (SIEML)

Event Spotlight

SIEML is a University of California systemwide initiative that aims to increase diversity in graduate business programs in all the UC business schools. It is an all-expenses-paid, 11-day immersive business and career leadership experience for 50 students. In 2022, the students came to UCLA Anderson. Our goal is to inspire and engage all SIEML participants as they continue their paths to graduate school.

University of California Opens Pathways to Graduate Management Education

UCLA Anderson hosted 50 HBCU and HSI students, and is home to a broad unified strategy for equity

UCLA Anderson’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion hosted 50 students in the 2022 SIEML immersive business and career leadership experience, and introduced them to Anderson’s core values: share success, think fearlessly and drive change.

From the UCLA Anderson Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Heather Caruso is a scholar and researcher of organizational behavior. She guides the UCLA Anderson community in the small personal actions and large structural changes that lead to and preserve social justice.
Heather Caruso

It’s Not Just What You Say or How You Say It

Heather Caruso discusses how listening to understand is the key to averting conflicts, particularly among people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Featuring: Heather Caruso, Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations and Behavioral Decision Making

Heather Caruso

What You Can Do

Thoughts from Assistant Dean Heather Caruso

Heather Caruso

The Course for Diversity

Heather Caruso’s class focuses on leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion

An illustration of a diverse set of people

Record Numbers of Americans Recognize Racism as a Problem

Heather Caruso envisions what the solution could look like

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership


UCLA Anderson Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

Affirming values shared across the UCLA campus, the EDI Student Advisory Council informs, implements, and enhances school efforts to build equity for all students.

Signature Events

Embracing Diversity
Annual Event

Embracing Diversity Week

UCLA Anderson’s Embracing Diversity Week celebrates the power of every person from every background to shape our future. Each November, research centers, programs and clubs across UCLA Anderson come together for Embracing Diversity Week, a celebration of how we embrace our diversity and welcome more!

Velocity - Anderson Women's Leadership Summit
Annual Event

Velocity Women's Leadership Summit

The Velocity Women’s Leadership Summit seeks to deepen the dialogue about women in business, explore multiple definitions of success and provide skill-based training. This event is hosted by the Women’s Business Connection (WBC), in collaboration with the Women’s Global Connection (WGC) at UCLA Anderson.

UCLA Anderson offers a range of fellowships geared to offset the cost of tuition so students can fully dedicate themselves to their studies.

Anne Tsui's Dare to Care Award

Anderson Latino Management Association Fellowship Fund

James Cole Memorial Fellowship

Out Alumni & Friends Fellowship

The Evelyn and David Hou Fellowship

Hannah and Thormund Miller Scholar

Peter Odebjer Memorial Fund Fellowship

Price Center Haskamp Fellowship

Stacey A. Salomon Memorial Fellowship

Stefanie L. Verkauf Memorial Fellowship

The Nonprofit Management Fellowship

Terri D. Bullock Fellowship

UCLA Anderson EDI Summer Task Force Fellowship

The Consortium

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is committed to increasing the representation of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in American business schools and corporate management.

The Consortium awards merit-based, full-tuition fellowships to top MBA candidates who have a proven record of promoting inclusion in school, in their jobs or in their personal lives. A member since 2010, UCLA Anderson is a proud supporter of this mission. Find out more about the Consortium at cgsm.org.


Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

As a Harvard MBA student in the early 1990’s,  John Rice  began delving into the reasons why there were few other students there who looked like him. He developed a thesis for a nonprofit organization that would provide the training, coaching and networks that traditionally have been unavailable to minorities.  In 2002, after a successful career at Disney and the National Basketball Association, John left the private sector to found the organization he first envisioned in business school: Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). For more information, visit the MLT website.

Forte - More women leading

Forté Foundation

Through Forté, women can explore the endless career options available through business—from healthcare to hospitality—and learn universally valuable skills to accelerate their careers and thrive as leaders.

Tools and programs are tailored for women at every stage:

  • For college women: Business conferences, a year-round career program and more.
  • For women who want to attend business school: Application/GMAT preparation and more.
  • For MBA women: Fellowships, leadership conferences, and more.
  • For professional women: Networking, leadership training, and more.

For more information, visit the Forté Foundation website.

Reaching Out

Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA)

Reaching Out has grown to include a range of programming that educates, inspires, and connects an increasingly diverse LGBT+ MBA community. For more information, visit the ROMBA website.

  • 15+ National and regional events annually
  • 1,800+ Attendees at ROMBA 2019
  • 250+ Reaching Out Fellows from 60 business schools
  • 1,700+ Students and alumni on Reaching Out Connect
  • 100+ Corporate Partners