At Every Stage, We’re There




Gonzalo Freixes

Associate Dean

(310) 794-6640

Francesca Baugh (M.Ed. ’02)

Executive Director

(310) 206-3314

Tom Larsen

Director of Career and Leadership Development

(310) 206-9283

Dina Lee

Director of Finance and Special Initiatives


EMBA Admissions


Sarika Thakur

Executive Director of Admissions

(310) 794-1741

Shannon Bell

Director of Corporate Outreach and Admissions

(310) 206-2544

Christina Marentes

Associate Director of Admissions

Ellen Min (B.A. ’17)

Admissions Manager

(310) 794-9071

Cynthia Summerville

Receptionist and Special Assistant to the Deans

(310) 825-2632


Student Affairs


Jairett Epperson

Program Manager

Allison Etkins

Program Manager

(310) 206-1435

Nanette Ramzan

Program Manager

Judy Hernandez

Program Manager

(310) 983-3080

Shelly Fraga

Program Manager

(310) 825-3491