At Every Stage, We’re There




Miguel Unzueta

Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs

Gonzalo Freixes

Associate Dean

Francesca Baugh (M.Ed. ’02)

Executive Director


EMBA Admissions


Sarika Thakur

Executive Director of Admissions

(310) 794-1741

Shannon Bell

Director of Corporate Outreach and Admissions

(310) 206-2544

Christina Marentes

Associate Director of Admissions

(310) 825-1547

Ellen Min (B.A. ’17)

Admissions Manager

(310) 794-9071

Cynthia Summerville

Receptionist and Special Assistant to the Deans

(310) 825-2632

Tarang Lal (’20)

EMBA Ambassador

Vanessa Esguerra

Admissions Coordinator


Career and Leadership Development


Tom Larsen

Director of Career and Leadership Development

(310) 206-9283

Sydney Wharton

Manager, Executive MBA Career and Leadership Development Professional

(310) 794-5432


Student Affairs


Jairett Epperson

Program Manager, Class of ’22 Monthly Cohort

(310) 825-8945

Allison Etkins

Program Manager, Class of ’21 Bi-Weekly Cohort

(310) 206-1435

Judy Hernandez

Program Manager, Class of ’21 Monthly Cohort

(310) 983-3080

Nanette Ramzan

Program Manager, Class of ’22 Bi-Weekly Cohort

(310) 206-2779

Shelly Fraga

Program Manager

(310) 825-3491

Dina Lee

Director of Finance, SMR/BCO, Special Initiatives

(310) 206-0399


Financial Aid


Andy Promsiri

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

(310) 825-0629