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2020 Winners

Audio Winner

"Amazon: Behind the Smiles" – Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX
Will Evans, Katharine Mieszkowski, Taki Telonidis, Rachel de Leon, Kevin Sullivan, Najib Aminy, Andrew Donohue, Esther Kaplan, Matt Thompson, John Barth, Al Letson, Melissa Lewis, Hannah Young, Byard Duncan, David Rodriguez, Mwende Hinojosa, Jim Briggs, Fernando Arruda and Reveal staff

Beat Reporting Winners (tie)

"Boeing's 737 MAX Crisis" – The Seattle Times
Dominic Gates, Mike Baker, Steve Miletich and Lewis Kamb

"How PG&E Burned California" – The Wall Street Journal
Katherine Blunt, Russell Gold, Rebecca Smith, Renée Rigdon, Yaryna Serkez and Dave Cole

Breaking News Winner

"Crash in Ethiopia" – The New York Times
Hadra Ahmed, Hannah Beech, Selam Gebrekidan, David Gelles, James Glanz, Thomas Kaplan, Natalie Kitroeff, Jack Nicas, Norimitsu Onishi, Dionne Searcey, Kenneth P. Vogel and Zach Wichter

Commentary Winners (tie)

"America's Broken Health Care System" – Kaiser Health News
Elisabeth Rosenthal

"A Secret Life of Your Data" – The Washington Post
Geoffrey A. Fowler

Explanatory Winner

"Death by a Thousand Clicks" – Fortune and Kaiser Health News
Erika Fry and Fred Schulte

Feature Winner

"Planet Fox" – The New York Times
Jonathan Mahler and Jim Rutenberg

International Winner

"WhatsApp International" – Financial Times
Mehul Srivastava, Tom Wilson, Tim Bradshaw and Robert Smith

Investigative Winner

"Exploited" – The New York Times
Michael H. Keller, Gabriel J.X. Dance and Nellie Bowles

Local Winner

"Profiting from the Poor" – MLK50: Justice Through Journalism and ProPublica
Wendi C. Thomas, Deborah Douglas, Maya Miller, Beena Raghavendran and Doris Burke

Personal Finance and Consumer Reporting Winner

"The TurboTax Trap" – ProPublica
Justin Elliott, Paul Kiel, Ariana Tobin and Lucas Waldron

Video Winner

"'Zone Rouge': An Army of Children Toils in African Mines" – NBC News Investigative Unit
Cynthia McFadden, Christine Romo, Lisa Cavazuti, Bill Angelucci and Daniel Nagin

Visual Storytelling Winner

"Clear Takeover" – Tampa Bay Times
Tracey McManus and Eli Murray