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UCLA Anderson marketing faculty are among the top in the field for data analytics, consumer research, behavioral insight, purchasing behavior and online effectiveness. Their research and discoveries have had profound impact on the way brands and consumers find one another, interact and communicate.

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A More Efficient Way to Help Utilities Share the Inconvenience of Power Outages

A model by Reza Ahmadi and Ali Fattahi could enable power companies to lower the cost of peak electricity

The Value of Pop-up Stores in Driving Online Engagement

Studying one million Alibaba users, Hengchen Dai mostly confirms the transactional nature of internet retailing

Behavioral Nudges Timed to Certain Days are Effective Motivators

Hengchen Dai, Hal Hershfield and Shlomo Benartzi find that dates of milestones can spur us to action

In Adversity, Some High Performers Give Up Rather than Dig In

Hengchen Dai, studying the world of tennis, unearths a potential downside to office ranking systems

Hospital Hand Washing: The Limits of Electronic Monitoring

Hengchen Dai finds the anti-infection procedure rises for a time, when workers are watched, and then falls off

Thinking Small Could Deliver Bigger Retirement Success for Gig Workers

Hal Hershfield and Shlomo Benartzi test daily, weekly and monthly contributions to gauge behavior

An Aerial, as Opposed to Ground-Level, View of Time

Cassie Mogilner Holmes and Hal Hershfield propose a framework for reducing angst over schedules and lives

Our Flawed Pursuit of Happiness—and How to Get It Right

Cassie Mogilner Holmes, Hal Hershfield and others suggest new approaches to spending and time-management

Instilling Ownership Feelings Leads to Greater Care of Common Resources

Research by Suzanne Shu could assist stewardship of public lands

Save-Save-Save, But Then What? Financial Structure and Spending in Retirement

Innumerable nudges help savings accumulation; now researchers turn to decumulation

The Limited Payoff in Auto Insurance Advertising

Elisabeth Honka’s work shows ads aimed at brand awareness are more effective

Are Americans Really Annuity-Averse? Clear Thinking on Retirement Income

Suzanne B. Shu and Robert Zeithammer found that expanding the information presented to consumers about an annuity could increase demand without incentives