We Take a Lifelong Interest in Our Alumni

The Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation takes an active, lifelong interest in UCLA Anderson alumni and considers them strategic partners in many of its initiatives. Alumni and other established professionals have the opportunity to become involved with the Price Center’s academic and experiential programs as workshop leaders, mentors to our students, or sponsors of an MBA internship. This interaction creates ways to grow and maintain valuable relationships and also exposes current students to a considerable range of career options, business advice and willing sponsors.

About Our Alumni

The Entrepreneur Association draws heavily from the ranks of Anderson alumni and invites them back to campus to talk about their post-Anderson experiences.
Several UCLA Anderson alumni serve on the Price Center's board of advisors.
Recognizing the value of a UCLA Anderson education and the caliber of its students, several alumni have offered internship opportunities to the current classes.
UCLA Anderson alumni are often featured guests at events such as the Galef Symposium in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.
Qualified alumni have access to the new Anderson Venture Accelerator, a 10,000-square-foot incubator for nascent UCLA startups.

Entrepreneur Spotlight

The Adult Version Of Razor's Awesome Crazy Cart Is Now Available

It’s one thing to have the hottest item on a kid’s wish list: the Crazy Cart. It’s another to have adults yearning for the same rush and capitalizing on it. Crazy Cart Founder and CEO Ali Kermani (’09) recently launched Crazy Cart XL: more power, more space and more fun.

Your Body To Spec - Find Out What You Are Made Of

BodySpec provides affordable medical-grade health and metabolic assessments to help you achieve your goals. We offer the nation's most affordable DXA scan, which is the most accurate body fat test available. We also offer RMR tests, VO2 max tests, and nutrition coaching services.

Taking Action to Help Other Wounded Warriors

As a United States Marine, he was awarded the Bronze Star with V, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. He conducted humanitarian assistance in Haiti and trained in several locations in the Middle East.

Behavioral Health Works

Dr. Rob Douk's company Behavioral Health Works addresses the rise of autism and how it is being handled across schools and clinics around the country. Behavioral Health Works occupies a 20,000-square-foot office with more than 300 full-time therapists and is listed as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies, two years running.

A Mind For Entrepreneurship

When Leo Petrossian (’14) was introduced to one of his company co-founders and the idea that would later become the basis for their company, Neural Analytics, it didn’t go well. “Robert was pitching that day and I was heckling him from the audience while [co-founder and friend] Dan was chuckling under his breath,” says Petrossian.

Rosie O'Neill
Sugarfina Is A Love Story

Double Bruin Rosie O'Neill (B.A. '00, '05) always wanted to pursue work that combined both business and creativity. In 2012, she applied her years of experience working in marketing for Mattel and co-founded Sugarfina, a gourmet candy boutique for grown-ups. After successfully launching their online store, Sugarfina opened the Beverly Hills flagship, and now Sugarfina has retail locations throughout the country to serve sugar lovers.

Contemporary Design With A Purpose

Following her experience as a buyer for a major national clothing and personal accessories retailer, Sheeva Saraifi wanted to create a fresh approach to feel-good shopping. Saraifi harnessed her public-spirited goodwill, love for design and entrepreneurial zeal, and in summer 2015 launched Local and Lejos, a digital marketplace for conscious consumerism. Local and Lejos sells home goods that are created by artisans (predominantly women) in developing economies.

KPOP Offers Taste of Korean Culture
MIKE KIM ('17) and THEO LEE ('17)

Kim and Lee, both of Korean heritage, met at the Anderson School and bonded over their mutual love for Korean food. They said they wanted to share their appreciation for their heritage and its food with the rest of America. The company began as their master’s thesis and turned into a full-fledged startup this year to share an aspect of their culture with others.

Clothing Made To Fit Your Life, Not The Other Way Around

Painter-turned-fashion-entrepreneur Eunice Cho was inspired during business school to find clothing that was both comfortable and suitable to wear for the interviews she went on. After two years of research and development, the new designer founded Paire, a full line of office-ready clothing that includes trousers, blazers, pencil skirts and T-shirts — all of them made in Los Angeles.

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UCLA Anderson alumni have been very generous to the Price Center by becoming personally involved and providing financial support. To learn more, please contact the Price Center at or (310) 825-2985.