Featured Research

Faculty in UCLA Anderson’s Strategy area conduct research that investigates both computational and cognitive difficulties in policy formulation and implementation.

Do Hospital Mergers Really Cut Health Care Costs?

Matt Schmitt finds that size and location help determine how much, if any, costs fall after deals


Do Corporate Wellness Programs Boost Worker Productivity?

Industrial laundry gains 4 percent output; as Ian Larkin finds, better health and better feelings toward employer could account for increase


Noncompete Agreements Reduce Worker Pay — and Overall Economic Activity

Research by Mariko Sakakibara and Others Refutes Earlier Claims


Fostering Public Good Contributions with Symbolic Awards

A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment at Wikipedia


Association Between Academic Medical Center Pharmaceutical Detailing Policies and Physician Prescribing

How did physician prescribing behavior change after US academic medical centers implemented policies that limited pharmaceutical salesperson detailing?