Open For Good Transparency Index

Corporate sustainability is increasing in demand, but unbiased and dependable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data remains a challenge. To tackle this issue, the Center for Impact has developed the Open For Good™ platform, which offers a comprehensive assessment of corporate transparency across ESG categories.

The 2023 Open For Good Transparency Index

The key to sustainability progress is understanding where we are and where we want to go. Using publicly disclosed information from the S&P 500, the Open For Good™ initiative has collected sustainability disclosure and performance information from the largest firms in the United States. The Transparency Index below highlights the 20 companies that have the highest rates of disclosure on the 39 metrics covering ESG topics chosen by the Open For Good™ project.


The Open For Good™ Transparency Index puts equal weight on all of the metrics across ESG topics. But you may care more about a particular area. Use the sliders below to adjust the weight you give to each topic, and see how the performance of each sector and the list of top 10 most transparent companies change.

Sectorwise Disclosure Index

This ranking focuses on whether companies disclose information responsive to the Open For Good™ metrics. For each metric, if a company fully disclosed the requested information, it received a score of 1. If a company disclosed only partial information, it received a score of 0.5. And if a company did not disclose responsive information, it received a score of 0. For each company, the scores on individual metrics were summed. This transparency index does not examine whether the information disclosed indicated that a company was performing well on that metric.
Learn more about the Transparency rankings for each individual topic area below:
vertical gradientThe 2023 Transparency Index (available in PDF form below) builds on our earlier research into the State of Corporate Sustainability Disclosure. This 2022 whitepaper analyzes the trends in sustainability reporting among 300 of the largest U.S. companies. Download 2023 Index
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