Capstone Project

The capstone project is your opportunity to apply the tools from the first two years of the program to a real-world business challenge in real time. Whether you’re part of a consulting team working for an international tech company or creating your own business from the ground up, UCLA Anderson offers proven and exciting options to satisfy this requirement.

Global Access Program

A real-world, international consulting project that takes you beyond the classroom and into a multinational company — transforming you into a global leader.

Real World Challenges

UCLA Anderson’s Global Access Program (GAP) partners students in their final year of FEMBA with high-growth global companies in a cross-cultural, market-entry consulting project.
The Assignment: Results-driven, real-world benefits
  • Form five-person team made of students from diverse professional backgrounds
  • Bid on unique opportunities to partner with a select international company
  • Spend six months gaining consulting experience conducting in-depth primary and secondary research, including market assessment, competitive analysis and other critical functions
  • Travel internationally to consult with top company executives and attend industry conferences domestically conducting interviews
Master the cultural and structural challenges of growing an international business
Gain insights from an experienced faculty advisor, many of whom have directly managed and provided consulting services to leading companies worldwide
Develop an effective strategic and investment quality business plan focusing on various facets to help advance the company's growth
Present the finished business plan to company executives, three industry professionals and potential investors

$ 940,000,000

In value added through capital-raising and mergers & acquisition activity



Return On Investment for Finnish Companies

GAP companies are selected based on their track record, their potential for growth and must meet specific corporate and investment requirements.

If you are an organization interested in participating in the Global Access Program

Hear the Student Experiences

"The team identified a cultural divide with the organization. We immediately implemented the recommendation and saw a cultural shift, which boosted morale. It was as though we had a different company."

Managing Director of Convic (Australia)

Access a world of information

During the six-months project students are counseled by faculty advisors who in addition to their academic accomplishments have also directed, invested in and provided consulting services to leading companies worldwide.

Business Creation Project

With BCP, entrepreneurs will launch their companies while still in school and working full time. You’ll take two prerequisite courses to prepare your business plans, work with teams made up of fellow students and apply to BCP during your second year. Selected projects will span two academic quarters during the summer and fall quarter . You’ll have the opportunity to formulate strategies for the sales, marketing, operations, finance, accounting and management departments, develop and test hypotheses, and conduct effective research that leads to a strategic business or implementation plan for your startup.

BCP Success Story: Bellanove (Class of 2017)

BellaNove offers a monthly rental service for modern, sophisticated, professional maternity clothing items, aiming to help all women stay sharp and stylish from boardrooms to doctor check-ups with less hassle and fuss.

BellaNove Founder and Wolfen Fellow, Jenny Leung (’17) launched the company October 2017.

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Hear the Student Experiences

Anderson Student Asset Management

Student portfolio managers work as a team to strive for superior long-term performance. With guidance from an advisor and oversight committee, students determine an optimal mix of equity, fixed income and cash investments.

Subject to minimum liquidity requirements, the Fund may hold the stock of any publicly traded U.S. firm on an approved list of stocks. A portion of the long-term profits of the fund will be donated to the UCLA Anderson School of Management for support in student scholarships and for support of research in finance.