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Embracing Diversity Week
November 15–20, 2021
UCLA Anderson’s Embracing Diversity Week (EDW) celebrated the strength of our diverse community and power of our connections to reshape our future. The 2021 theme  “Leading Across Difference,” shed light on the complexities and opportunities of leadership when equity, diversity, and inclusion are in the foreground.

Schedule of Events

All sessions will take place in Pacific Time

Monday, November 15

Tuesday, November 16

Finance & Tech

Wednesday, November 17

Entertainment & Engineering

Thursday, November 18

Friday, November 19

Embracing Diversity Conference

Co-hosted by the Anderson Student Association , Office of Student Affairs and MBA, FEMBA, EMBA, MSBA and MFE Admissions

Saturday, November 20

Admissions-Focused Events and Workshops for Diverse Applicants

Co-hosted by the Anderson Admissions Ambassadors Corp , the Anderson Student Association (ASA), the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of MBA, FEMBA, EMBA, MFE, and MSBA Admissions 


What is the difference between Embracing Diversity Week and the Embracing Diversity Conference?

Who should apply to the Embracing Diversity Conference?

Is there a cost associated with participating in the conference?

What is the deadline for applying to the Embracing Diversity Conference?

We are Grateful to the Organizers, Presenters, and Volunteers who Connected all of us during Embracing Diversity Week

Dawnyelle Addison
Noah Aldonas
Anastasia Ali '14
Brian Amabile
Cynthia Andrianjatovo
Ben Antoine
Nahum Armas
Ayesha Asif
Jesse Avellaneda '18
Kevin Bai
Ghermayn Baker '18
Jill Baldauf
Sam Balsubramani
Oke Bamgbose
Jordan Barillas
Mitzi Benavides
Diego Benitez '19
DaJuan Bennett '20
Pallavi Bhandari
Liz Bohinc
Enrique Bravo
Jack Browning
Jordan Budisantoso
Bri Buhaly
Mai Bui
Alem Bulcha
Juan Carlos Jimenez '19
Chavez Carmen
Shirley Ceja-Tinoco '17
Richie Chang
Parth Chauhan
Carmen Chavez
Andy Chen
Siyi Chen
Courtney Cheng
Nikki Cheon
Walter Cisneros '18
Ari Cohen
Camilo Cuellar
Jacqueline Delgado '17
Jake DerHagopian
Devon Dickau '15
Alberto Dominguez
Pallavi Doshi
Anika Duncan '06
Dani Ebersole '20
Julia Egan
Lucia Ehimika '17
Julia Eichenfield
Vickie Euyoque

Stephanie Evans '16
Nuvie Ewharekuko
Charlotte Fagan
Miranda Fang
Sheldon Fields '16
Lauren Fior
Michael Fisher '16
Jackson Foster
Gonzalo Freixes
Alex Frumkin
Henry Gabriel
Deepak Garg
Eleanor Garibay
Mitchella Gilbert
Deon Goggins
Denice Gonzalez-Kim '19
Callie Gorman
Camryn Green
Jared Griffith '17
Cristobal Guell
Dave Guerrero
Dipesh Gugnani
Lesley Gwam '20
Janli Gwo
Lusiana Hadi
Mona Hampapur
Bernetta Hardy
Tia Harley '14
Torrie Harris
Mareena Haseeb
Emily Hite
Jordie Ho-Shud
Fanny Hoang
Jiali Huang
Eleanor Huntington
Ashley Husbands
PJ Iannone
Christy Inauen
Carol Issa
Shailaja Iyer
Erica Jackey
Ed Jean-Louis '16
Kaitlyn Jeong
Ashley Johnson
Jeffrey Jones
Austin Josiah
Francis Kang
Luke Katz
Anna Kernus
Stephen Kim

Levi Kirkland
Brandon Knechtle
Emily Kosko '19
Ari Kruger
Cody Kuhne
Athena L. '19
Alex Lawrence
Kateryna Lazoryshynets
John Lee
Gaelen LeMelle-Brown
Xing Li
Ann Lih
Brian Liu
Christopher Low
Jessica Luchenta
Pawan Mannava
Matt Marquez '17
Allyson Mason
Ritu Mathur '07
Saada Matthew '20
Jahrael Mcdowell
Fiorella Mejia
Daniel Melling
Damon Meng
Ingrid Meza
Jesse Meza
Michael Miller '15
Safia Mirabella
Brianna Morgan
Swathi Mummini
Mayra Munguia Herrera '15
Julia Navarro '19
Chris Nguyen
Ike Nnoli '17
Fola Odetola-Odeleye
Max Olivares
Maximiliano Olivares
Morgan Owens
Jose Pallares '18
Nicole Panega
Nicole Panovski
Leanna Parchment
Candace Parker '19
Danielle Pegnato
Alejandra Perez
Elizabeth Perez
Rachel Pettis
Nikki Phair
Perry Poussard, Jr.
Jamaal Powell

Katie Quilligan
Roy Quinto
Addy Quirk
Nicole Rabiu
Divya Rao
Lauren Reed
Donna Robinson
Jessica Rodriguez
Rhian Rogan
Gideon Rosenthal
Jaime Sanchez '16
Jorge Santana '19
Siddhi Sati Kunvar
Kalyn Saulsberry
Katie Schiff
Pam Schulz
Lincoln Sedlacek
Rosa Segura
Shoshana Seidenfeld
Mia Seleshi
Bebe Silberzweig
Taylor Smith
Katie Solomon
Madeline Spolin
Jarenn Stewart
Dan Sucher
Tony Tenicela '96
Viji Thulsiraj
Emre Titizer
Giselle Topal '18
Akshay Tyagi
Joseph Umanzor
Jaanhvi Vaidya
Sabena Virani
Mia von Sadovsky '94
Penelope Vorassis
Wambui Waiganjo '20
Tiffany Wang
Chris Weber
Daphna Weinstock
Anna Wilde
Keini Wilson
Ashley Wiser
Satiya Witzer '13
Lauren Wong
Kari Yu '20
Juan Zapata

Schedule of Events
Monday, November 16
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PST

Retail Racism: What Does It Look Like & How Can Companies Combat It
Presented by the Retail Business Association (RBA) and sponsored by the Morrison Center for Marketing and Data Analytics

Dr. Cassi Pittman Claytor, Climo Junior Professor of Sociology at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)

4:00 – 5:00 p.m. PST

Virtual Career Chats with Devon Dickau ‘15
Presented by Impact@Anderson

5:00 – 6:00 p.m. PST

10 Years Later: The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Health Care Access and Equality
Presented by the Healthcare Business Association (HBA)

Gerald Kominski, Ph.D., Professor of Health Policy and Management, Senior Fellow, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Neil Parikh, M.D., MBA, President of Oscar Medical Group, Oscar
Louise McCarthy, MPP, President and CEO, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

Tuesday, November 17
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PST

Allyship 101
Presented by the Women's Business Connection (WBC), the Black Business Student Association (BBSA), the Alliance for Latinx Management at Anderson (ALMA) and Out@Anderson (O@A)

Join us for a panel discussion about what it means to be an ally, and learn tips for becoming a better ally at Anderson and in the workplace.

Watch Now
5:00 – 6:00 p.m. PST

Building for Everyone: A Fireside Chat with Google’s Head of Product Inclusion, Annie Jean-Baptiste
Presented by the Tech Business Association at Anderson (AnderTech) and sponsored by the Easton Technology Management Center

Wednesday, November 18
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PST

What's Going On: An Embracing Diversity Series: The Black Woman Experience
Presented by the Black Business Student Association (BBSA) and the Women's Business Connection (WBC)

Hear from a panel of black women from across UCLA Anderson's MBA programs as they describe their wins and losses and the lessons they've taken from their careers, personal lives and time at Anderson.

Watch Now
5:00 – 6:00 p.m. PST

Fueling the Intersectional Environmental Movement
Presented by UCLA Anderson’s Net Impact chapter

Debra Gore-Mann, President at the Greenlining Institute

Watch Now
Thursday, November 19
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PST

International Perspectives: An Embracing Diversity Dialogue
Presented by the International Business Association (IBA)

4:00 – 5:30 p.m. PST

Global Movements Against Racial Capitalism: Conversations across Latin America and Asia and the Pacific
Organized by a part of the extended UCLA Anderson community – the UCLA International Institute – directed by UCLA Anderson Professor Chris Erickson

Katsuya Hirano, Associate Professor, History

Christine Hong, Associate Professor, UC-Santa Cruz
Anne Garland Mahler, Associate Professor, UVA

More Information
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST

Dimensions of Transcultural Marketing
Presented by the Marketing Association (MA)

Hal Hershfield, Associate Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Ritu Mathur (’07), Senior Director of Marketing, Clif Bar & Company
Anastasia Ali (’14), Director, Marketing, The Walt Disney Studios
Mia von Sadovsky (’94), Senior Vice President, Group Strategic Planning Director, RPA

Friday, November 20
10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. PST

Embracing Diversity Conference
Co-hosted by the Anderson Student Association , Office of Student Affairs and MBA Admissions

Welcome Address from Dean Tony Bernardo

Lift as We Climb: A Spotlight on Student Mentorship
Presented by Gaelen LeMelle-Brown, VP of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Anderson Student Association

Alumni Panel: Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders
• Tony Tenicela (’96)
• Anika Duncan (’06)
• Satiya Witzer (’13)
• DaJuan Bennett (’20)
• Moderator: Caroline Nahas (B.A. ’70), Senior Advisor, Korn Ferry

Conversation with Associate Dean Miguel Unzueta and Melissa Thomas Hunt, Head of Global Diversity and Belonging, Airbnb

Professor Sherry Jueyu Wu on the Power of “Employee Voice”.

Watch Now

Keynote: A Conversation with Assistant Dean Heather Caruso and Wanda Denson-Low, Former Senior Vice President, Office of Internal Governance, The Boeing Company

Watch Now
Saturday, November 21

Admissions-Focused Events and Workshops for Diverse Applicants
Co-hosted by the Anderson Admissions Ambassadors Corp , the Anderson Student Association (ASA), the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of MBA Admissions

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