Working Papers

The Ziman Center was established to create and administer UCLA's activities surrounding the topic of real estate. To advance this mandate, the Center has built a community of leading scholars who undertake real estate-related research. The Working Papers series is made up of research undertaken by the Center's Affiliated Faculty and Fellows, who join the Center from departments throughout the UCLA campus, including management, economics, law, public policy, urban planning, public health, engineering, architecture and geography. Working papers are the first step to published research, and the purpose of the series is to widely distribute the results of high-quality research. At regular intervals the Ziman Center prepares research briefs that provide insights into research to the wider real estate community.


WP # Title Author(s)
19 Association of Neighborhood Gentrification and Residential Moves With Hypertension and Diabetes Control in Los Angeles County, 2014–2019: A Retrospective Cohort Study Katherine L. Chen, Frederick J. Zimmerman, Paul M. Ong, Andrea Jones,Teryl K. Nuckols, Ninez A. Ponce, Kristen R. Choi, Xia X. Li, Ariadna Padilla, and Claudia L. Nau
18 The Impact of Crisis-Period Interest Rate Declines on Distressed Borrowers (rev) Stuart Gabriel and Chandler Lutz
17 Smartphone Data Reveal Neighborhood-Level Racial Disparities in Police Presence M. Keith Chen, Katherine L. Christensen, Elicia John, Emily Owens, and Yilin Zhuo
16 Redlining and Beyond: Development Within and Outside HOLC Spaces in Los Angeles County Paul M. Ong, Anne Yoon, and Chhandara Pech
15 Entrepreneurship and Gentrification Luisa Gagliardi and Olav Sorenson
14 The Geography of Bank Deposits and the Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations Shohini Kundu, Seongjin Park, and Nishant Vats
13 Building Housing: The Allocative Efficiency of Creating New Cities Versus Expanding Existing Cities Seungyub Han and Sunham Kim
12 Student Debt and High-Skill Worker Location Choice Zachary Sauers
11 The Role of Political Belief in COVID-19 Vaccine Resistance, Virus Transmission, and Closure Policy Response Danny Ben-Shahar, Stuart A. Gabriel, and Roni Golan
10 Tackling the Housing Crisis: Streamlining to Increase Housing Production in Los Angeles Edward Kung and Stuart A. Gabriel
9 Housing Wealth and Overpayment: When Money Moves In Darren Aiello, Jason Kotter, and Gregor Schubert
8 The Digital Divide and Refinancing Inequality Edward T. Kim
7 The Impact of Cultural Preferences on Homeownership Caitlin S. Gorback and Gregor Schubert
6 A Missed Opportunity? The 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Yiwen Kuai
5 Minimum Wages and Employment Composition Ashvin Gandhi and Krista Ruffin
4 The Effects of Extreme Wildfire and Smoke Events on Household Financial Outcomes Xudong An, Stuart A. Gabriel, and Nitzan Tzur-Ilan
3 Total Returns to Single-Family Rentals (rev) Andrew Demers and Andrea Eisfeldt
2 Whither Diversification? John Cotter, Stuart Gabriel, and Richard Roll
1 Worker Age, Jobs-Housing Balance, and Commute Distance Evelyn Blumenberg and Hannah King