Prospective Applicants – General

Please see our most common Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered below and you need further assistance, we welcome you to reach out to us at mba.admissions@anderson.ucla.edu.

How can I learn more about UCLA Anderson?


Are application fee waivers available?

Application fee waivers are available for all U.S. military applicants, current UCLA graduate students and SIEML program participants. To request a waiver, please upload the requested documentation within your application and wait for confirmation from Admissions before submitting your application (Do not pay the fee, as we do not refund any fees paid.)


What concurrent degree programs are offered by UCLA Anderson?

  • Computer Science: MBA/MSCS
  • Latin American Studies: MBA/MLAS
  • Law: MBA/J.D.
  • Library and Information Science: MBA/MLIS
  • Medicine: MBA/M.D.
  • Public Health: MBA/MPH
  • Public Policy: MBA/MPP
  • Urban Planning: MBA/MURP

Visit  Concurrent Degrees for more information.


Can I begin the MBA program in the spring?

UCLA Anderson only has one Full-Time MBA class intake per year, so all new students start together in early August.

Does UCLA Anderson accept transfer credits?

No, we do not accept transfer credits. However, it is possible to test out of some core courses to be replaced by MBA elective courses, of your choice.

Is it possible to work part time while enrolled in the MBA program?

The MBA program is a full-time format. Students find themselves on campus from 8:00 a.m. until late into the night during their first year. Hours that are not scheduled for class are typically used for club meetings, recruiting and homework. Although the schedule does not leave enough time to work a part-time job, academic internships are available as early as winter quarter of the first year. If you are interested in a more flexible format that allows you to work while attending classes, please explore UCLA Anderson's Fully Employed MBA and Executive MBA formats.


Where can I view the MBA Program brochure?

You can view the current brochure online here.

Do you recommend that I visit the UCLA campus?

We encourage applicants to learn about our program and community first-hand. This can be done both in person and virtually. You can find information about the full range of available options on our Events page. These events range from admission webinars, virtual chats and Q&As to in-person information sessions, campus tours and coffee chats which are part of our campus experience program. In addition to these events, you can also meet us on the road when we travel to meet with prospects at information events or to attend events hosted by partner organizations like Forte, Consortium, etc. We understand not everyone is able to travel to visit and that is why many of our student ambassadors make themselves available online to connect with aspiring MBA students.

We recommend that you start by signing up on our mailing list so we can keep you updated with relevant information about upcoming events and all things UCLA Anderson MBA.


May I apply to both the Full-Time and Fully Employed MBA programs in the same year?

You may apply to only one UCLA Anderson program in a given year. There are separate application processes for each program.

How can I speak with an admissions advisor?

Although we do not have formal admissions advisors, you can send an email to mba.admissions@anderson.ucla.edu with your specific questions, and we will reply to you promptly. While we cannot accommodate individual counseling sessions, we encourage you to connect with our admissions representatives by attending an Admissions Q&A: Live session online. During these sessions you will also be able to ask questions directly of our Admissions Officers. We also offer Career Spotlight and Global Perspective Series where you will hear from our students and alumni as they reflect on their experiences at UCLA Anderson and the impact of the MBA in their individual career journey. Lastly, you can catch us on the road at one of the fairs, forums and conferences that we attend every year. To sign up for events and learn more, please visit our MBA Events page.


Do international students pay a different tuition?

No. Domestic and international students pay the same program fees. See the student budget here: Financing.


Can an international student qualify as a California resident for purposes of student charges?

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States who fulfill the residency requirements can qualify as California residents.

Application — General

What are the minimum requirements for admission to the UCLA Anderson MBA program?

To be considered for admission, you must hold the equivalent of a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and submit a completed online application. You may also opt to submit a GMAT, GRE or EA score for consideration. Note that while these tests are not required, they may help strengthen your candidacy. International applicants with a three-year undergraduate degree may be admitted if the Admissions Committee determines that their academic profile and overall application are strong enough. The TOEFL or IELTS is also required for the majority of international applicants.

For more information, please visit our Admissions Requirements page.


When can I apply?

Completed applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the deadline date to be evaluated in that round.

Can I defer my admission to next year?

UCLA Anderson does not grant admission deferrals, as admission offers are only valid for enrollment the same year. Admits who decide not to accept their offer may use the streamlined renewal process to reapply in the following application year and be evaluated with the new pool of applicants.

Are there any advantages to applying early in the admissions cycle?

Yes. Applicants are notified on a continuous basis throughout each application period, so you are advised to apply for admission as early as possible. Historically, fewer applicants are admitted in the last round, which tends to be especially competitive. Candidates who are denied admission during one deadline period cannot reapply during another deadline period in the same academic year. However, denied applicants may reapply the following year.

How do I submit my application to the MBA program, and what is the application fee?

Applications are completed and submitted online only. The application fee is $200.


Can I submit updates to my application after I have submitted it?

With the exception of applicants granted Round 2 deadline extensions in January 2023, we do not accept updates to the application once it has been submitted. If you must add information after your application has been submitted, we cannot guarantee that the late information will be considered before our decision is reached unless your application is moved to a later round.

Can I update my mailing address after submitting my application?

Please note that our primary means of communication will always be email. Email address changes can only be made directly by applicants via the Change Email Address link at the bottom of the Status Page screen. Changes to a telephone number or mailing address may be submitted via this form.


When and how can I expect to hear back from UCLA Anderson?

You will be notified of our decision via email by the appropriate decision release date for the round in which you applied.


What does the Admissions Committee look for in an applicant?

The Admissions Committee selects a diverse community of students who will succeed in managerial leadership and bring unique contributions to enrich UCLA Anderson. The committee carefully evaluates biographical and academic background information; your quantitative and analytical skills which are often demonstrated though the GMAT/GRE/EA scores and, for most international applicants, TOEFL/IELTS score; achievements, awards and honors; employment history; letters of recommendation; essay(s); and college and community involvement, especially where you have served in leadership capacities.

strongly encouraged to use the space provided in the application to provide supportive information to the committee. We recommend highlighting your experiences that indicate your analytical and quantitative strength and readiness for the rigors of the MBA program.

Please visit our Admissions page to find out more.


Are there mathematics and computer prerequisites?

We recommend that all admitted students complete a differential calculus course prior to the start of MBA studies. Knowledge of statistics also is recommended to prepare for MBA coursework. Finally, all students are expected to have a working knowledge of word processing, as well as spreadsheet and presentation software applications (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

How much do things like letters of recommendation, interviews and GMAT/GRE scores matter? Do you weigh one part of the application more heavily than others?

The Admissions Committee conducts a comprehensive and holistic review of all aspects of the application. Individual components of an application are not weighted. All materials within an application are considered important and used when making admissions decisions.

Can I use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to help me write my MBA application and essays?

No. Our essay prompt was thoughtfully curated by our MBA Admissions team to learn more about you. We ask that you reflect on your personal and professional experiences and motivations. AI tools should NOT be used to write or edit your essay – we are interested in what you have to say in your own writing style.


Application — Test Scores and GPA

Will you accept the at-home test scores? If so, will they be evaluated differently than those taken at a testing center?

At-home test-taking options are now available for some exams in select regions. Please visit the testing agency's website for more information. We will accept most scores from at-home exams, and they will be evaluated in the same way as exams taken at test centers, except for the TOEFL TIP Plus Solution for China and the IELTS Indicator, which are currently under review by UCLA’s Graduate Division office. Please contact the MBA Admissions office if you have additional questions.


How long are test scores valid?

GMAT/GRE test date must be within five years of your application submission date. TOEFL/IELTS test date must be within two years of your application submission date.

Is there a minimum GMAT/GRE score or GPA required for admission?

No. Many factors are considered in the decision process. Admissions decisions are made holistically, and not solely on the basis of grades and test scores. However, reviewing our average GPAs, GMAT or GRE test scores within our most recent class profile may give you a better picture of what stats make successful applicants. If your scores do not fall near our admitted ranges or you do not feel they properly reflects your ability, we recommend that you consider retaking the test.


If I take the GMAT/GRE more than once, will you average the scores or take the higher one?

All test scores submitted will be reviewed. However, we will not average, mix and match, or “super score” them. Your highest overall score is what will primarily be used for your application consideration.

Where and when is the GMAT offered?

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test (CAT) that is administered frequently throughout the year at approximately 400 computer-based testing locations around the world. To make testing arrangements, visit www.mba.com and please note that the GMAT code for UCLA Anderson School of Management is 2NZ-2F-24.


Can I apply without submitting a GMAT/GRE/EA?

While test scores provide an additional, relevant data point for the admissions committee to consider, a test score is not required. Applicants are given the option to apply for the Full-Time MBA program without submitting a GMAT, GRE, or EA. It is up to the applicant to decide if they want to apply with or without test scores. Please note that for some candidates without a quantitative background, a strong test score can strengthen their candidacy. 

If you choose not to submit a test score, you will need to adequately demonstrate how your academic and professional experiences have properly prepared you for the rigors of the program. You must submit an essay that provides evidence of your MBA readiness to support your case of applying without a test score. We will look closely at your past accomplishments, including but not limited to:

  • Undergraduate or graduate record, especially in analytical or quantitative courses
  • Post-undergraduate, full-time work experience in an analytical or quantitative function
  • Professional certifications, such as CPA, CFA, or international equivalent
  • Performance on an expired GMAT or GRE

Candidates demonstrating multiple academic and/or professional accomplishments as listed above are more likely to be granted admission without a test score.


Who must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all applicants EXCEPT those from a select list of countries. For more information, please refer to UCLA Graduate Division Office English requirements.

Applicants who were educated in countries where English is not the primary spoken language of daily life are required to take the TOEFL or IELTS, no matter the language used at their school.  This includes applicants with degrees from multilingual countries such as India, Nigeria and Pakistan.  

Please note that work experience in English is not sufficient for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver. For more information about the TOEFL, visit www.ets.org/toefl or, for the IELTS, visit www.ielts.org.


Do you require a minimum score on the TOEFL/IELTS?

Almost all admits score over 100 on the TOEFL IBT, 610 on the TOEFL paper-based test, or 7.0 overall on the IELTS. For more information about the TOEFL, visit www.ets.org/toefl or, for the IELTS, visit www.ielts.org.


I was an undergraduate student during COVID-19 and my transcript has some Pass/No Pass grades. Will this impact me as an applicant to your MBA program?

We understand the far-reaching global impacts that COVID-19 caused around the world, especially for those who were undergraduate students at the time. We will take into account the circumstances regarding this unprecedented time and there will be no negative repercussions for grading changes that occurred during the pandemic.

Application — Work Experience

How many years of work experience do I need before applying?

Although work experience is not required for admission, the average is five years. It is important for you to assess your own readiness when deciding to apply. Recent college graduates who have exceptional academic records and GMAT scores, who have demonstrated strong leadership in college, and who are ready to pursue their MBA are encouraged to apply. We seek to admit outstanding leaders at different points in their professional careers. We feel it is not the quantity of experience that counts but rather the quality, and how the experience translates into your goals.

Do internships count as work experience?

Internships can provide valuable experience but should not be counted as full-time work experience.

Application — Letters of Recommendation

May I submit more than two letters of recommendation?

Please submit only two letters of recommendation, preferably from direct supervisors or managers at your current place of employment.

What if my letter of recommendation is from a professor?

If you have been out of school for less than two years, you may include an academic recommendation in place of a work-related one. Ideally, an academic recommender should know you beyond the classroom through research, internships or other interactions. Early-career applicants should also consider asking club advisors, internship supervisors or other employers who can comment on your leadership skills.

I can't ask my boss for a letter of recommendation because she/he doesn't know I want to leave for graduate study. What should I do?

In your optional essay, you can explain your reasons for not including a letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor. You may request a letter of recommendation from another work-related source, such as a client or a manager from another department who knows your skills, or a former boss who has left the company. We are looking for letters of recommendation from people who know your work well, preferably from a supervisory perspective. Remember that family and friends/peers at work are not the best sources.

Is the letter of recommendation deadline the same as the application deadline?

With the exception of applicants granted Round 2 deadline extensions in January 2023, your letters of recommendation must be submitted to us by the deadline in order to be considered for evaluation. It is your responsibility to inform your recommenders of the deadline and ensure that your letters of recommendation are submitted by the deadline for the round in which you are applying.

Application — Interview

Are interviews required?

All candidates being considered for admission will be interviewed, but an interview is not a guarantee of an offer.

What is the interview process?

Interviews are by invitation only. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified after the admissions committee has reviewed your application, which could be at any time during the admissions round. Interviews are conducted in person or by Zoom per the applicant's choice, and instructions are sent with the invitation. There is no difference between interviews conducted on campus and or via Zoom, as all interviewers are trained to evaluate communication skills, focus, reasoning, passion and understanding of the opportunities that a UCLA Anderson MBA provides.

When do interviews take place?

Interviews take place in every round. It is possible to receive an interview invitation at any point before the decision release date of the round in which you applied.

Financial Aid

Are fellowships or other financial aid available?

Fellowship support is available to exceptional admitted applicants. Last year, approximately 40 percent of the incoming class received fellowships. Second-year students also are offered fellowships based on academic performance and leadership activities in the first year. Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions also can significantly supplement student budgets, along with student loans. For more information, contact the UCLA Anderson Financial Aid office at (310) 825-2746 or 825-0629, or visit our financial aid website.

We offer a private loan through Eli Lilly Credit Union. No co-signer is required. We also have various outside aid for which you can apply. For more information, please visit our financing website.


Who is considered for fellowships?

All admitted students are automatically considered for fellowships. No separate application is needed.



How can I learn more about international applicant information?

My university does not use the 4.0 scale. Do I need to convert my grades?

No, you are evaluated in the context of your own country's school system. Grades are never converted to the U.S. 4.0 scale.


What academic records do I need to submit with my application?

Upload a complete transcript and degree certificate or diploma in the native language of the country in which your degree was earned, as well as a certified translation in English. The degree certificate or diploma should show the exact degree received and date awarded. To facilitate our evaluation of your degree(s), you may choose to supply a credential evaluation report from World Education Services.


I earned a three-year undergraduate degree. Am I still eligible to apply?

Are all international applicants required to take one of the approved English assessment tests?

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all applicants EXCEPT those from a select list of countries. For more information, please refer to UCLA Graduate Division Office English requirements. Please note that work experience in English is not sufficient for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver; the key factor is being educated in English. For more information about the TOEFL, visit www.ets.org/toefl or, for the IELTS, visit www.ielts.org


Does UCLA Anderson offer financial aid to international students?

Yes, we offer the following financial aid options:

  1. UCLA Anderson Fellowships: All admitted students are considered for fellowships based on the overall strength of their admission application. No separate application is necessary.
  2. Private loans: We offer a private loan through Eli Lilly Credit Union. No co-signer is required.
  3. We also have various outside aid for which you can apply. For more information, please visit our financing website.

Does UCLA Anderson assist with student visas?

Yes, upon admission, UCLA Anderson works with newly admitted students to obtain a visa from the U.S. government. Almost all international students get an F-1 visa. Students sponsored by an organization or firm may get a J-1 visa instead. For information regarding student visa information, please consult the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars.


Waitlisted Admissions Decision

Why are applicants waitlisted?

It is normal in the admission process for some candidates to be placed on the waitlist. This gives the Admissions Committee additional time to evaluate more applications and assess which candidates would fit best into the overall balance and class size that we are aiming to achieve. 


How does the waitlist evaluation process work?

If your application status indicates that you have been placed on our waitlist, you will remain on the waitlist until a final decision is made on your application (or until you request that your application be withdrawn). Waitlisted candidates are reconsidered for admission on a regular basis as the emerging context of the new class becomes clearer. When each application round's decisions are released, applicants on the waitlist receive a status update too. Those who are still on the waitlist when Round 3 ends in May can decide at that time if they want to stay on the waitlist during the summer, in case space opens up in the class before August.


Can I get feedback about my waitlist case?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot give individualized feedback to waitlisted applicants. Chances of being admitted off the waitlist are difficult to predict since the number of students admitted from the waitlist varies from year to year depending on the size and strength of the application pool, the number of admits who enroll and other factors.


When should I contact the MBA Admissions office regarding my waitlist status?

Waitlisted candidates may submit updates to their application anytime by filling out the Waitlist Interest Form.  We ask that you use your best judgment and discretion in submitting additional information that is relevant to your application. Some examples include (but are not limited to) updated GMAT/GRE/EA/TOEFL/IELTS scores, promotions at work and recent extracurricular accomplishments.

Before submitting additional information, please remember that every interaction we have with you can be a data point on your file, so make sure your communications are meaningful and add value to your profile. Quality of information is more important than quantity.

We thank you for your continued interest in UCLA Anderson!


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