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Anderson Affiliates


Anderson Affiliates is the volunteer-led class giving campaign at UCLA Anderson for graduating students and recent alumni (within 5 years).

The goals of Anderson Affiliates are to
  1. Encourage the class to make a collective and meaningful impact on the school through the class gift campaign in their graduating year,
  2. Instill a culture and tradition of giving among students and young alumni and
  3. Spread awareness about the role of philanthropy in Anderson’s current and future success.
Each year, Anderson students and recent alumni come together to help fund the school’s mission and growth
• Two out of three students in our MBA programs make a gift.
• Gifts can be allocated to the donor’s area of choice.


These gifts are vital to the school, not just monetarily, but because
they show how much the school means to its students.

In 2017, the Affiliates raised more than $365,000 to:

  • Fund the Anderson Venture Accelerator and Marion Anderson Hall
  • Grant student fellowships
  • Support faculty research and attract new professors
  • Subsidize student programs, competitions and conferences
  • Upgrade the courtyard, atriums and North Terrace
  • Bring distinguished leaders to speak to and inspire the Anderson community

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